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  1. Shop for PPF wrapping in Denver area

    Yeah. That Colorado Detail deal isn’t too bad if it includes the ceramic. I don’t plan to do the tailgate, so maybe I can get them to knock down the price a bit.
  2. Shop for PPF wrapping in Denver area

    I’m not clear on what they offer here. An 18” strip of ppf that covers the fenders hood and door handles?
  3. Had to jump down my dealer throat!!

    Wait, Elder Ford has 50 broncos just sitting in their back lot right now??
  4. How Fast will the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Be?

    Yeah, I was just gonna ask - what engine will be one there? V8?
  5. What are you guys paying for extended warranties?

    Does the bronco not come with like a 3-yr bumper-to-bumper warranty? What’s the point in buying an additional warranty now?
  6. Sync and iphone disconnect issue

    What options does CarPlay allow that the Bluetooth doesn’t?
  7. GMRS radio mount location?

    Yeah, that’s my plan B. I have to remove part of the dash to install the Auto Start Eliminator cable, so I figured I’d find somewhere to route it then. Not sure if I’ll be successful, but Plan A is to route the cable under the entire center console and up through the dash so it comes out near...
  8. GMRS radio mount location?

    I ended up going with the Wouxun 50w due to it having a removable faceplate. I plan to mount the full radio body in the console and mount the faceplate on the BYOD rail on the dash.
  9. What side is Aux wiring in the back of the bronco?

    What was preventing you from taking that rear inside quarter panel trim piece off as well?
  10. Bunce Trail

    Here’s the intro from All Trails:
  11. Bronco damaged. What to expect?

    Your new truck comes with a warantee. That warantee states (roughly) that if there is a defect in the product, Ford’s responsibility is to pay the cost of repairing or replacing said item. It sounds like they are doing that, so I wouldn’t expect much beyond a free car wash at your dealer if...
  12. Shop for PPF wrapping in Denver area

    Agreed. My problem is I plan to repaint my bronco on day 1. I was hoping the ppf would be in the 3-4k range. Stupid budgets…..
  13. Low Windshield Wiper Fluid (leak)

    Huh, sorry I could have sworn they talked about washer fluid hoses/fixing in that thread. Unfortunately, hole hunting is gonna be necessary here, I think.
  14. Installed Yakima Tilt-Away Bike Carrier & Yakima StraightShot Hitch Extender - Bronco w/ SAS

    Hmm, but it doesn’t wobble with the Kuat rack by itself? I assume with both on, you’ve tightened down both anti-wobble bolts? If so, and there’s still wobble then there is a fitment issue with the Yakima extension in your hitch.
  15. Low Windshield Wiper Fluid (leak)

    You’re not the first to have an issue here. Check this thread:
  16. Call from my dealer with the Vin number

    You can also utilize their website to track your order now that you have a VIN. See this thread:🧭-track-your-bronco-order-by-vin-order-number-get-your-window-sticker.15328/
  17. Installed Yakima Tilt-Away Bike Carrier & Yakima StraightShot Hitch Extender - Bronco w/ SAS

    Well, sure, if you replace a rack that has anti-wobble with a piece that doesn’t, then you’re going to have wobble. They offer an extension that you can run upside down with the anti wobble bit:
  18. Door bolts loosening

    Anyone find a fix for this?
  19. Ford tailgate table interferes with cargo area enclosure

    Yes, someone else installed both. They ended up cutting small gaps out of the rubber seal and removing so that when the door closed, the latches fit into the gaps in the rubber.
  20. Auto window close works

    Can you provide more details as to what/how you edited these items?