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  1. All-New Ford RANGER Revealed! New Bronco Competition From Within Ford

    I noticed this too, but what they revealed is for Europe, so I’m not getting my hopes up.
  2. Twitter exchange ongoing with @mrlevine

    I sent tweets to Levine and Farley about the allocation hurting my dealer but no reply yet.
  3. Granger Ford -2022 Bronco Allocation - No one said it was going to be easy

    Thanks for the update Zach. Doing the math on reservations, with Granger having over 1,000 orders from the March 2021 cutoff left to fill, and Ford advertising the 125,000 orders number all year; it seems as though Granger has somewhere around 1% of total orders placed. That's no small number...
  4. 📒 Latest 2022 Bronco Order Guide Released (Updated Monthly) + Price List

    I’m confused by the Sasquatch package pricing. How much is it to add Sasquatch to a base two door with a manual transmission?
  5. 2022 Bronco Price Protection Announced

    $825 price increase on a 4-door Badlands is a 2% price increase. I wonder if that increase will be consistent across trim levels? I’ve been thinking about downgrading to a two door base, so I wonder if I will be able to apply my full price protection savings from the more expensive trim I...
  6. Bronco Production to Be Limited in 2022

  7. Hammock swag gift thread

    It’s something that may erect your interest.
  8. My personal new thinking with the long delay...

    My current daily driver is a manual 2014 Focus SE. I’ve averaged over 36 mpg with it over the life of the car (110k miles so far). To me the couple thousand I’d get by trading it in isn’t worth it. Im planning to keep it when I take delivery of a Bronco. It’s a shame Ford stopped selling these...
  9. All Bronco Off-Roadeo Locations Now Open For Reservations

    I’m looking into traveling from WI for the NH off roadeo now. It looks like price of the rental car will cost more than the actual flight!
  10. Received this from The Bronco Team -- Bronco concept art poster and a sticker

    based on bios of everyone who has posted that they received something is in Texas or Colorado. Hopefully that means the marketing firm Ford is using is based down there, and it’s taking longer to ship to the rest of the country. Could someone who has already received theirs post where the...
  11. [Resolved] Off roadeo not honoring $250 credit

    @Ford Motor Company would be great for whoever is behind this account to provide some help here.
  12. Ford is here responding to issues

    Hopefully Ford can provide a response on Off Roadeo in Texas not accepting the $250 voucher to use on merchandise that we all previously heard about over email.
  13. Received this from The Bronco Team -- Bronco concept art poster and a sticker

    Just checked the mail, didn’t get anything here in Wisconsin. Hopefully tomorrow. I would be curious to know if OP and others, are in similar geographic location, and closer to where the letter originated from (Michigan?)
  14. [Resolved] Off roadeo not honoring $250 credit

    Has anyone asked Mike Levine and the rockstars about this yet?
  15. [Resolved] Off roadeo not honoring $250 credit

    I’m waiting for the NE off roadeo to open in Vermont/Maine, but I’m not planning to bring a guest, so it would be great for Ford to put out more information on what the experience add-ons and merchandise referred to in the emails are. I’ve read every off-roadeo review posted so far, but haven’t...
  16. Extensive writeup: My Bronco Off-Roadeo experience with some photos and videos on 7/3-7/4

    Since you did not bring a guest, what options did you have for spending the $250 off roadeo gift card Ford gave everyone?
  17. 6/25 Email & FAQ: Modular Hardtops Delayed Until 2023MY | Price Protection Extension | Free Hardtop Prep Kit

    I wonder what this means for the rumored heritage edition in MY22. Not really a heritage edition with no white top.
  18. Everglades Green 2022 Bronco Heritage Edition renders ☘️

    Looks great, but I think it would be even better with Ford on the grill.