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  1. Build time from beginning to end - "in general"?

    When you get closer to your blend date the prod date will get populated. It is the build 'day' generally. The eta end date is the eta of delivery to your dealer (shipping is built in). Build time is typically the same or +1 day from the blend date. If you have roof rails, ppf, decals or...
  2. [TFL] Racking Up Thousands of $$ In Damage In Just A Few Seconds: Bronco vs. 4Runner Collab Misadventure!

    One advantage for the bronco, rear quarter panels are bolt ons, so a hit like that would be a single panel replacement, not a cut/weld/body work fix.
  3. Custom Aux Switch Labels / Stickers for 2021 Bronco

    Add me to the list
  4. DIY Winch Bumper Build

    Well done, simple and functional.
  5. Tire pressure gauge issue - spare swap reading flat tire pressure

    Yes, there is also a cheaper $20-40 training tool that may be able to work - used on lots of other fords. I use on on my gt350 when swapping between race wheels. You do a 'pedal dance' with the brake and ignition to set the BCM into tire pressure sensor training mode. Then go around to...
  6. Fuel Economy For 2-Door, 2.3, Auto Sasquatch

    2dr badlands 2.3 7mt. I was averaging 17-18, then added SAS wheels and tires, and it dropped into the low 17's. Got mid 17's all highway last weekend for 200+ miles , running 75 on cruise. Noticeable increase in boost and throttle to move the 35's in 6th gear and maintain speed. 1-5 you...
  7. Need VINs for suspension IDs

    @flip I want to update my standard badlands above to SAS. Have the shock part #s, What spring codes should I use for a 2dr BL 2.3 auto with SAS? Currently have these on the truck. Wondering If I can re-use the rear "F" springs F/R MB3Z-5310-J/MB3Z-5560-F
  8. 2022 Bronco Raptor makes most revealing public appearance yet

    The three light rear markers are needed for DOT because of the the width (like the raptors, duallys etc).
  9. Thoughts/Reasons on Not Getting An Build Date

    This is the right answer, the ‘21 reservation system is flawed. If you really want a bronco start another order at another dealer to improve your odds. I ran into this when I ordered my super duty. Ordered in July at a dealer with good allocation, and kept an eye on constraints, and was...
  10. Bandlands Lift kit ?

    I have SAS takeoffs on my standard badlands now. In normal driving no clearance issues (once the crash bars are removed). Unless you are flexing heavy off road you may not need to do anything. I will try mine on the trails first before deciding to front level, or switch to SAS shocks and springs.
  11. Perch collar level / lift for Sasquatch from RPG

    The inner rim machining of those method beadlocks is really trick. Looks like a really strong inner bead area.
  12. Forscan unlocks all GOAT modes with any Bronco model trim! How-to DIY instructions

    Did my 60mi round trip commute to the office today with sport mode enabled on my 2.3 manual. This is they way it should come from the factory, crisp throttle response, feels easy to get into the torque band without a lot of throttle movement. I know it is just amplifying my inputs, not really...
  13. Manual Transmission optimal shifting for fuel economy

    If you enable the boost gauge, or combination gauge in the instrument cluster, you can use that as your guide to throttle and rpm to use. Using more rpms, but with less boost, is typically more fuel efficient - 2200rpm no boost vs lugging it at 1500rpm and letting 5psi boost provide the torque...
  14. Factory roof rack removal from MIC

    They are sticky under the the triangular bolt. I had one side that dropped down and out of the way, the other needed some prying to break free and slide down and out. keep wiggling it with a bit of screwdriver prying and it will work.
  15. Need VINs for suspension IDs

    2d BL with 2.3, non-SAS without tow - 1FMDE5CH4MLA74054
  16. 2021+ Bronco ForScan Thread

    Tire shops won't make the speedometer adjustment, or pressure threshold change. You'd be lucky to even find a dealer that would try it. In time some standalone programmers like hypertech may come to market for the size adjustment, but until then, forscan is the current method.
  17. 2021+ Bronco ForScan Thread

    I enabled sport mode on my 2.3 manual badlands today. Its a small but noticeable change, the response an torque available when first opening the throttle has improved. Even with the SAS wheels and tires I have on, it feels pretty spunky, and has made me decide to hold off any throttle booster...
  18. The V8... Let's talk about it

    Coyote motor would sound glorious but is dimensionally large. I was surprised to see Godzilla crate motor is only $6k, 430hp/475tq. That would be a great truck engine for this.
  19. 2021+ Bronco ForScan Thread

    Badlands replaced sport mode with rock crawl (w/sway disconnect).
  20. 2021+ Bronco ForScan Thread

    I have been using an OBDLinkEX hardwire cable. It seemed a reliable method when I searched a while back.