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  1. Florida Roll Call

    Vero Beach and Will I go Off-Road with my Bronco ? Probably once or twice
  2. Florida Roll Call

    Vero Beach would not put in my order.... I went back to Greenway for my 4th transaction with them.
  3. Florida Roll Call

    Richloam WMA is a testy little track
  4. 2022 Bronco Raptor makes most revealing public appearance yet

    Hope those Flares will work on a 2 door BadManSquatch
  5. Bronco Longboard Concept – 2DR LWB Imagined

    2 door Cherokee IH Scout 1st Gen 4Runner
  6. What do you think about roof mounted snowboard racks?

    step up onto the rear tire for access if you're having trouble getting up there, there are steps that will hang over the top of the tire to give you a leg up
  7. Currently available winch solutions for 2021+ Bronco

    A few questions, Compatible with the Harbor Freight APEX Badland 12k Winch and it's Fairlead, same basic design as the Warn EON 12k. Compatibility with OEM "Full Bash Plates" Option to assimilate the OEM Fog Light circuit to Compatible Fog Lights IN the face of the Bumper. OEM Parking...
  8. Auto start found a easy hack

    Bob Those are some of the same folks who think the things .GOV gives to them are free*....
  9. Auto start found a easy hack

    It's basic common sense, starter motors do not last forever, the more they are used, the shorter their lifespan constant use of the start/stop feature's savings at the pump will be erased at the mechanic when replacing the starter
  10. Currently available winch solutions for 2021+ Bronco

    I am planning on going with LOD , they are in the design phase for Bronco and should have to market by the time we take delivery of our Badlands. I have High Package so NO ACC to worry about Will come in a Stubby with no Bull Bar to block trail camera LOD on Jeeps are custom configurable with...
  11. Up-Close Pics: 2022 Capable Front Bumper

    fog light switch is integral to the headlight switch. imho, both the 21 and 22 oem bumpers on Badlands trim are less than adequate as a long term winch platform. so far I am learning toward the L.O.D. style with the winch built into the bumper instead of on top of it, also like the narrow...
  12. Anyone regretting the Modular Bumper?

    Really liking the Road Armor Stealth Winch Bumper ( 6213F10B )
  13. Anyone regretting the Modular Bumper?

    Sticking with the Stock "22 Capable Bumper to get the Fog Light Pre-wire and Switch and saving the $600 for the optional Modular at build time. Chances are there will be a few '21 Modular Bumpers hitting EBAY in '22 / '23 when the Early Deliveries start upgrading. If not I will go to another...
  14. Relocated Badlands trim badge to front of fender

    I will be doing the same, wish I would have seen your pix before I spent the time in Microsoft Paint ...
  15. Relocated Badlands trim badge to front of fender

    I am thinking of doing this.
  16. Reservations are not as important as everyone seems to think

    2 doors work just fine... Never been into archeology anyway, although I don't have a problem with folks who like getting stoned and getting their rocks off...
  17. Mud Holes and Trails near Orlando

    Head out to the Richloam Management Area in the Withlacoochee State Forest. Bring a winch , hip waders and another truck...

    How did you order the "Color Matched" door handles on the Cyber Orange "Badlands"? I thought that was a "Outerbanks" & "1st Edition" exclusive. Thanks