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  1. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    I'm 51. Married, no kids, 2 small dogs (chihuahuas). I'm getting a 4 door. More storage space, probably a (slightly) more comfortable ride due to longer wheelbase (at least in theory), I like the looks... also, with how inconvenient it is to open the rear tailgate/window for things like...
  2. calgecko

    Sac Bronco Club

    sweet!! Those are great looking - I was really on the fence about buying one of those in the Badlands trim too ... congrats!
  3. ModifyMike’s “Moody Blue” First Edition Build Thread

    I've seen several of your pics in other threads and the LB always catches my eye ... absolutely stunning build, sir!
  4. Is this "normal"?

    actual footage of MAP employees and Ford Executives ...
  5. Factory Fog Light Switch

    assuming this would do the job? it's on sale too!
  6. Factory Fog Light Switch

    smart move... I think I may have an old Dell laptop somewhere around here that I was using for something else that didn't have Apple compatibility .. .I'll see if it still works .. no rush, .. since I still have no idea when my Bronco will be built
  7. Factory Fog Light Switch

    I just finished reading through all 16 pages of this thread - and have to commend you guys for your ingenuity, curiosity and sleuthing! I LOVE the idea of being able to get a switch with front and rear fog lights so I don't have to run a rear light to my aux panel .. now, Forscan is a whole...
  8. Factory Fog Light Switch

    I'm starting to do some homework on lighting options for the HD Modular bumper I've ordered with my BadSquatch, and found this thread... so, if I've got the Luxe package on my Bronco - this will be pre-wired for fog lights? is there a foglight switch that it's already wired to, or is it wired to...
  9. WWYD - fly to pick up or put on a transport?

    Depending on what's in between where you live and the dealership - I'd probably drive. Take the opportunity to see some sights, get some cool photos in places you might not normally go to, and get to know your new Bronco. I'd venture to guess that the costs associated with one-way airfare +...
  10. Friday build woes. My Bronco delivered with unpainted tailgate and fuel door

    Unions are so corrupt and hurt business so much, it's crazy. They seriously reward people more based on how long they've worked at a company versus their performance, which is why union workers are often so complacent and have no motivation to work any harder than the 'bare basics'.
  11. Friday build woes. My Bronco delivered with unpainted tailgate and fuel door

    when this kind of stuff happens - can they review the VIN to identify every line worker that touched that vehicle, and specifically the ones who would have (should have) seen that unpainted tailgate? If so - they all deserve some kind of corrective action notice/written warning.
  12. Another Blipshift Bronco shirt

    For those who don't know - has a new shirt design each day, and they're typically available for about 2-3 days.. here's a Bronco Christmas shirt for ya :)
  13. Has anyone seen or heard anything from their dealer regarding the "Bronco Customer Satisfaction Funds"?

    Obviously, Ford is trying to do little things to keep us engaged while we (continue to) wait - the Bronco print, the hammock, the flag - but a couple months ago, we heard about this new program that was being left up to the dealers to manage how they used it - but I haven't heard of anyone...
  14. Who is the winner for oldest unfulfilled order?

    damn man... that sucks, and has to be frustrating as hell :(
  15. Rough Country 5” Lift Kit for Bronco

    From everything I understand, RC is pretty much what would happen if Harbor Freight started selling truck accessories.
  16. FE towed due to network/power issues

    that clearly should NOT be something you as the consumer should have to pay a dime for.
  17. My Bronco sucks off-road! Terrible rock chips after 80 miles on county dirt roads.

    if it is an unpaved, dirt/gravel road - technically, it is "off-road"
  18. My Bronco sucks off-road! Terrible rock chips after 80 miles on county dirt roads.

    Ouch.. I would be pissed too ... it's one thing to get pin striping or some cosmetic damage when doing purposeful off-roading - that's a risk we take.. but driving on a dirt road - that is quite a bit of damage in a very short time. To say it 'sucks off road' might be a stretch .. but I...