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  1. 2022 Bronco Raptor makes most revealing public appearance yet

    Always wondered why those trucks had those, they were described to me in the past as “clearance lights”. I always mistakenly assumed they referred to vertical clearance but it sounds like it’s related to horizontal clearance instead. Good to know 👍.
  2. 2022 Bronco Raptor makes most revealing public appearance yet

    I’d imagine so because the fixtures in those photos don’t look final. The third brake light in particular looks like an industrial placeholder with those harsh 3 LED dots. If it IS final then it’s a considerable step down from the well received and already very bright LED tail lights on the...
  3. New fast back tops from Florida jeeps

    Setting aside the steep price and loss of functionality, it does look pretty slick based on those photos from their website.
  4. Jumping Ship? - What's Your Plan B Vehicle Purchase?

    Ford Maverick. The awful Bronco mileage has me second guessing my reservation. I may just wait for the inevitable Hybrid model.
  5. Happy medium? 275/70/r18 on OBX

    Sounds like your wife is looking forward to going on road trips in it. How worried are you about mileage? The Bronco really hits every checkbox for me but the mileage is REALLY terrible for road trips. Has me wanting to wait for the inevitable Jeep 4xE competitor with plug in capabilities.
  6. Velocity Blue Base Sasquatch Bronco with Ford Accessory Retro Graphics Decals (Hood Cowl + Stripes) by Visco

    I kinda like the way the stripes look on the velocity blue but I definitely wouldn’t use that cowl decal.
  7. Still no aftermarket headlights?

    Here’s a past eBay listing for the signature headlights, OP. I would place an eBay saved search for those part ID’s in the listing so eBay can send you email notifications the next time a similar part gets listed. Hope that helps. Also, apparently they are NOT plug and play as I incorrectly...
  8. Still no aftermarket headlights?

    As a matter of fact, we’ve already seen at least one person here locate an eBay listing for the signature lights. I believe the price was $1K and the work required for the grill and wiring looked simple enough that even a dummy like me could do it. Not to critique anyone else’s tastes but the...
  9. Still no aftermarket headlights?

    Correct, I believe they’re the only ones who’ve showcased this type of part. Depending on the price it may be a decent upgrade for those who didn’t opt for the Signature Lighting from the factory.
  10. Ford cargo area enclosure - unlocking options?

    This scenario has been discussed before on here. I believe the interior lock/unlock buttons deactivate after the fob is outside the vehicle’s range for a period of time.
  11. What an Antenna?

    There’s a handful already in the thread but this one is what I had in mind, hopefully it suits your needs:
  12. What an Antenna?

    The roof is modular so Ford can’t tuck the radio antenna(s) up there in the little shark fin you might be used to. Thankfully, the Bronco antenna can be either deleted outright and replaced with a rubberized cap or swapped out for VERY compact alternatives. I can’t stand long antennas and...
  13. Rigid 360’s on Body Guard mounts

    Really not a fan of those large “BG” logos but I adore the look of them apart from that.
  14. Cyborg Orange badlands at my dealer

    That’s likely the Mach E’s performance variant, hence the flashy paint job. I greatly respect the Mach E but I definitely think it’s a Frankenstein-like mess of clashing aesthetic choices. It’s a little too yellow for my tastes but it looks INFINITELY better on that Bronco.
  15. Long term experience with vinyl graphics?

    I’ve mostly seen them on newer vehicles (2015+) and they unanimously look and age extremely well if they’re monochrome. Ones with strong hues definitely fade in sunnier states like Texas or Arizona over 5+ years but I wouldn’t say that the decal itself develops any warping or weird texture. If...
  16. CNET review - 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands: The Jeep wrangler

    Glad they called out the fuel economy as an Achilles heel in their review. It really is quite miserable how low the range is for the 2.3L on even the lightest model with more narrow tires. Ford providing a serious response to the Wrangler 4xE would immediately make me want to trade in my...
  17. Analog Tach - Anyone else considering?

    I also find the instrument cluster to be an area of exceptionally poor design. I’m fairly young and maybe it’s a generational thing but I actually prefer a digital speedometer over a physical one and would have preferred the Bronco have an analog tach and a larger text size speedometer. Or...
  18. OBX 4 door with 295/70/18 fuel vapor wheels

    That is one sharp looking OBX. If/when I get mine, I also want to do a similar 285/70/r18 with at least a 1 inch lift and level. What’s your lift look like? Any poke (looks like a bit)? Did you have to remove the crash bars to prevent rubbing?
  19. The First 10,000 miles in a ‘21 Bronco

    Absolutely love the photos, the thought of taking my girl on a similar trip is what keeps me hopeful for my reservation being filled in the coming year. I do have to ask though, what was your mileage like and was it an issue for you? I also ordered the 2.3L version and remain worried that the...
  20. New Molle Strap Survival/First Aid Kit for BL

    Always been a big proponent of the molle system in general since owning several Goruck type bags. Although I think everyone should have a medic pouch in each car they own, I would definitely NOT mount it to the back of a car seat. It’s a little too visible to the outside and I’d worry about...