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  1. 2022 Bronco Raptor makes most revealing public appearance yet

    Tangent: any word from the powers that be of an improved fender flare for existing Sasquatch’ers? Looks like they were able to improve coverage, here, on the Raptor version. The flare / mud flap combo is no bueno.
  2. 📬 9/30 Scheduling email received group! [Post your reservation + build dates]

    Today was a good day. 7/13/20 reservation, 2/10/21 order, 11/29/21 build week. 2.7, 4-door, Shadow Black, Badlands, MIC, MGV, High, tow. Yippee kay ya.
  3. Disturbing News, Dirt Mt. 2.0?

    Think Gordon Lightfoot would do a song about Dirt Mountain?
  4. New name for Dirt Mountain???

    Mounds of Insanity
  5. ⛑ Ford effectively assumes operational control of Webasto's Plymouth plant to help resolve Bronco top supply issue

    Ford is going with the scatter gun approach to protect its stock price, passing the blame around. The only real issue is chip shortages which will almost certainly be reflected in the next quarterly earnings report. See the forest for the trees. This is not just a Bronco issue…
  6. Black Diamond Sasquatch! My Comments & Pics From Think Ford First Events @ Randy Wise Ford

    The real question on everyone’s mind ordering MGV: “Will my farts be noticeably more audible?”