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  1. DIY Winch Bumper Build

    It’s a basesquatch.
  2. Badlands 3,000 mile review: Bronco & a few Accessories

    Thanks for the review. One thing I wanted to mention, is the 2.0L in the Jeep doesn't have bad Turbo lag, it has terrible throttle response. The pedal feels mushy and when you punch it off the line, there's a delay in the response. This can be fixed with a pedal commander or throttle controller...
  3. Didn't need Mid package so I'm without Navigation . . . anyway to retrofit install / software update for it?

    You can also download maps from your Google maps app to use offline, so it's good when you're in areas that don't have good service.
  4. Better SAS Lift Kit - Zone OffRoad or ICON

    Any chance your Sasquatch adventure kit would allow enough clearance for a 37x12.5 on the stock Sasquatch wheel? Without rubbing?
  5. Better SAS Lift Kit - Zone OffRoad or ICON

    I’d probably go with the Zone kit. I have a Teraflex spacer lift on my JL and beat it up on the rocks. It does great - just rides a little bit worse.
  6. Check this Out!!

    Sweet looking rig. I see Lite Bright’s Jeep in the background. They should put them head to head. Curious to see if it’s really a Jeep eater 😁
  7. Anyone purchase 2021 Ford Bronco ARB Bronco Under Vehicle Protection Kit ?

    Was curious if anyone has purchased these skids plates for their Bronco? I’m not seeing many other options right now.
  8. Sta bar disconnect failure

    You’ll probably see some decent options early next year. This and some thick skids, and frame mounted rock rails will be priority for me 😁
  9. Sta bar disconnect failure

    Man, you really poked the hornet’s nest 😆
  10. Someone is Sending It in Canada

    Awesome video! (Music removed - Nice!)
  11. Hello from Massachusetts

    Oh my gawd, that’s wicked pissah!
  12. New here and tried my best to do research. Looking to fly somewhere to find my Bronco on a lot...

    Not the best prices, but they appear to have availability.
  13. Comparison Test: 2021 Ford Bronco vs. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

    A stock sport is pretty damn impressive. I’m willing to bet that 95% of the BL owners on this forum wouldn’t attempt the same lines. Also, while It might seem bias since I do own a Jeep JL, it’s hard to deny how capable Jeep’s BLD is. The Bronco has terrible BLD by comparison and that’s why I...
  14. 2022 Bronco order help - can't decide between trims

    Yep, I was sold on the Wildtrack because I don’t want MGV. One look at the sandstone interior and Big Bend w/Sasquatch it was.
  15. 2.3 Shaping up to be the better Engine?

    That’s my understanding as well. I’ve been given an estimated build week and have a vin as well.
  16. Shadow Black Sasquatch Beast! Just took delivery!

    I think you’re right. It’s been growing on me as of late and i think I’m leaning towards keeping it and painting it matte black. Though the grey does look good with cactus grey…hmm (Not my Bronco)
  17. Comparison Test: 2021 Ford Bronco vs. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

    Yep, that 2.0L is surprisingly quick. How do I know? Well… I own one with a tune. Regardless, still looking forward to my 2.7L Bronco.
  18. MGV seats were uncomfortably hot

    I appreciate the post. I’m also a big guy that runs hot. In the summer I often leave the top down in my Jeep for prolonged periods of time. I currently have cloth seats and don’t have any issues with the seats being uncomfortably hot. My 2nd vehicle has leather an even without a removable top...
  19. 2.3 Shaping up to be the better Engine?

    I’m in the same boat, but I think we’re safe. New Bronco orders are the ones that are limited to the 2.3L.
  20. Badlands vs Black Diamond

    Quick sway bar disconnects should hit the scene soon. I wouldn’t buy a BL for that option only. Quick disconnects take less than 5 mins to remove and you’re gonna have plenty of time to do that if you’re airing down to do a trail.