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  1. Yes, another first weeks (1000+ mile) ownership impressions, stats, and issues.

    One of the guys I ski with has a 4Runner. He has just over 450k miles on it. Has had very little issues with it and is looking at getting another one. Yeah the Toyota is an old tool in the shed that is reliable. But it sure needs an update. Maybe they will reintroduce the FJ.
  2. 📝 My Letter to the Ford Executive Team: Safety, Manf. & Quality [and Ford Executive's Follow-Up Response Call]

    Good work Cat. Someone had to step up. Site admins, can someone promote Cat to forum member team lead. Or something. Cat needs recognition for the work she did. Thanks
  3. Installed Yakima Tilt-Away Bike Carrier & Yakima StraightShot Hitch Extender - Bronco w/ SAS

    I have been looking at the Yakima Exo. It folds down all stealth then you attach the bike rack and then has option for ski rack and other mods. It’s modular. Looks like it will work with a hitch extender.
  4. Video: Bill @ Evilletruck goes full send and breaks his Bronco

    Speed kills in off-road. When the dealer sees all the mods to the vehicle nothing will be covered under warranty. In one of his videos he had the whole front end apart. Just my 2cents.
  5. Constraints with Build?

    I ordered a 2 door Sasquatch BL. I’m looking at maybe Summer or Fall of 22. Just guessing. I might see it this winter but I highly doubt it. I went with high package, capable bumper, engine block heater and tow.
  6. Now I have seen it all! $250k Buy-It-Now Ebay For Outer Banks 4-Door

    That makes me sick. :) Just venting from my previous post on a expensive Badlands on Craigslist.
  7. Many vehicles currently over MSRP

    Not sure what bank you go through but in the past my credit union would run a check on the price of the car before finance of the vehicle. Pretty common from what I have seen.
  8. Many vehicles currently over MSRP

    I don’t see how credit unions or banks will finance these cars that are 10-30k over MSRP. You would have to pay the difference in cash before financing.
  9. Understanding Priority Numbers

    I went from a 19 for my 21 order to 18 for my 22 reorder. I guess that is promising but who knows.
  10. Who put 37s on their Sasquatch no lift?

    I forgot to mention I saw one guy that had to cut his rock rails so the 37s would clear.
  11. Who put 37s on their Sasquatch no lift?

    I’d imagine they will fit without a lift. But will rub on the trail and when snow packs in the fenders the tires will rub. Might be okay on the road but may rub on dips or sharp corners at higher speeds. Most likely you will have to lift it 2inches or more. Keep in mind this is just my theory...
  12. Up-Close Pics: 2022 Capable Front Bumper

    I went with the capable bumper on my Badlands because from what I read the modular was a commodity constraint. Plus the capable is cheaper and has fog lights. Looks fine to me. I may upgrade the bumper but honestly have not seen any good bumpers that catch my eye or that look like boat anchors...
  13. Took delivery today!

    Nice Bronco thanks for sharing!
  14. Roush Bronco R Series Kit - Pre Order Now Available

    What about the Tremor Bronco?
  15. My Jeep 2dr JL... parked next to a Bronco 2dr Badlands non-SAS

    Get Sas. I want it because of the cool sticker. :)
  16. Badlands 2 door on 37s no lift.... [37x12.50r17 Thompson Baja Boss MTs + Black Rhino Garison Beadlocks with +0 offset]

    Looks great thanks for sharing. Excited to see how it turns out and video wheeling!
  17. This makes me sick $120k for Badlands Sasquatch

    Olde from Evolution Bulldogges
  18. This makes me sick $120k for Badlands Sasquatch

    His name is Charlie Bronson. Just a pup and almost 90lbs and still growing.