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  1. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Beautiful. I have hard top envy!
  2. Stock Badlands Sasquatch off-roading and Evilletrucks' broke bronco

    Bummer to see a broken Bronco
  3. DIY Winch Bumper Build

    Well done - nice skilz!
  4. Installing 8" LED Bars in Modular Bumper - DIY video

    Use the bolt on the bottom of the radiator as a mounting point for the inboard bracket for a better focus of light to the center.
  5. Installing 8" LED Bars in Modular Bumper - DIY video

    Nice work - here is my install a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Bronco Stripes recommendations?

    I am making stripes if you are interested
  7. Which 40 or 50 inch light bars are you planning or using?

    I like the price and features of the Rough Country single row 50” light bar but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I am trying to figure out a solution to cover the mounting bracket - I really dislike seeing the bolts as it looks unfinished...
  8. Rock Slide Engineering EZ Rack

    Yes, 2 x 2 gallon fuel containers on the outside. Water and First Aid on the inside.
  9. Rock Slide Engineering EZ Rack

    Yuuuuup - great product & terrific solution. I have used on on my JKU but haven’t strapped it on my Bronco yet however, I have confirmed that it does fit!
  10. Friday build woes. My Bronco delivered with unpainted tailgate and fuel door

    Not to freak you out @Stefanmcd but did your Bronco arrive on-time per your email updates or was there a delay along the way? The reason I ask is because my initial reaction after reading this and seeing the pics is that this didn’t occur at MAP but rather post-production and pre-delivery to...
  11. DIY $300 LED Halo Light Bar Project

    Very nice! Can you post a close up pic of the windshield mount?
  12. Shadow Black Sasquatch Beast! Just took delivery!

    Black Beauty - congrats!
  13. keep "spot lamps" on during off road driving?

    I bet the smart ForScan Wizards have a solution. Perhaps try posting in that forum if there are no replies here…
  14. Holes (mounting points?) on rear of roll bar?

    I used 3” wide clear UHMW tape under the mounts - it’s thicker and more durable than PPF. FYI - I also used it on the door sills and on the portion of the rollbar that may contact the soft top during opening/closing to prevent scratching there too.
  15. Rock Sliders by Goat Fabrication

    YES!!!! Where can I buy these?
  16. Flashlight Mounted & Installed on Driver's Seat

    My Element is in the rear
  17. Holes (mounting points?) on rear of roll bar?

    Yup - I used a pair of the Element magnetic mounts since using just one allowed it move around a bit. Details Here for the flashlight mount
  18. Holes (mounting points?) on rear of roll bar?

    My Element is on the rollbar And a flashlight on the seat rail
  19. Holes (mounting points?) on rear of roll bar?

    I don’t know what the non threaded hole is for but, yes - it’s on both right & left sides…
  20. Rear cargo net - Vertical orientation

    Thanks - It was repurposed from a former Lexus RX350