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  1. Is no one ordering iconic silver?

    I did.
  2. Damaged During Transport

    Are they sure the bumper and mounts did not get tweaked by that hit? I would be asking them to put it on the frame machine and check it out carefully. Best of luck.
  3. Bronco Colors - How Many of Each Color has Been Built / Ordered

    I have a 2dr Iconic Silver. I doubt I will see another in my AO. Lots of CO and A51 on the roads near me. I'm happy with my choice since it will be easy to find at the group meetups. 😁
  4. For those of us that still have a MIC on order... here's recent feedback

    I took delivery of my 2dr with MIC on 11/5/2021, build date was 10/19/2021. Sticker inside says primer applied 10/15/2021. It looks great, has uniform color, no defects, no leaks and I have 1000 miles on it in primarily rainy conditions. Its that time of year up in the PNW. No complaints and...
  5. Any experiences with this??

    My salesman locked mine and put the keys in his desk so that nobody would fondle my rig until I got there. They even left all the plastic on the seats and stickers in place.
  6. The PNW Deliveries Received Thread

    Congrats. Looks awesome!
  7. 255/85/16 tires (33”) on AMB Base stock rims

    Looks great. I put 275/75r16 on mine. Next time I will go with the 255/85.
  8. Installing Keyless Entry Pad in the fuel door

    Funny you mention that because I’ve had my Bronco for two weeks and now the keypad is not working. No response at all. It worked fine and then yesterday just stopped responding. I’m stumped.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁

    Wishing everyone a great holiday!
  10. Do the gifts stop arriving after you've received your Bronco?

    Got my flag a week after my Bronco arrived. Where is my damn hammock?!
  11. Here she is, my 2dr Badlands!

    She’s a proper beauty, eh?!
  12. Old school wheels options

    I have the base steelies and I need me some poverty caps cuz I’m one of the poors! Gimme that part number!
  13. Old school wheels options

    I need those center caps! Got any details?
  14. How long after you received vin# did you receive blend date?

    VIN 7/1/2021 Blend 10/18/2021 Delivered 11/5/2021
  15. This makes me sick $120k for Badlands Sasquatch

    Smiles in 2dr base at less than MSRP. Its a vehicle that will get customized, used and abused and I will have fun doing it. I'll let others collect the overpriced trailer queens.
  16. Rock Sliders by Goat Fabrication

    Will I be able to use them with mud flaps?
  17. Bronco 2.7L Broke Down

    I have a 10/19 build and the engine date is 21214. Is this in the range to worry about?
  18. Real World MIC Test

    Mine is good to go so far. I have been in constant rain up here in the PNW and no drips, no runs, no errors. One small area on the inside passenger back window has very slight honeycomb effect. Don't care.