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  1. Canvas top water issues

    Wait, heavy rain + open window = water pouring inside? I‘m canceling my order.
  2. What did you buy your Bronco on Black Friday?

    My tire and lift plans change daily. My brain tells me to just run the Goodyears because 35s are more than adequate but my heart says I need 37s and a lift.
  3. What did you buy your Bronco on Black Friday?

    Not actually on Black Friday but I did take advantage of their Black Friday deal and picked up a set of Analog HD wheels from fifteen52. A free $340 wheel is just too good if an offer to pass up. Won’t even have my Bronco for another couple of months.
  4. Analog HD _ / / 2021+ Bronco wheel thread - Specs

    Should be the 17x8.5 6x5.5 with 4.75 bs Check with @Stage 3 Motorsports in the sponsors marketplace. They had a set of 5 in black listed recently.
  5. 2022 Bronco resale value predicted to top Off-Road Utility segment and better than Jeep Wrangler and 4Runner

    The first few replies in this thread are proof that people on this forum will complain about literally everything.
  6. Dealer wants 15k over sticker now that my bronco arrived

    The BBB is an independent corporation that has literally no power.
  7. This is the 12/13 bumped to 12/20 Thread

    Never got an email but checked today and I’m bumped.
  8. 🛠 12/13/21 Build Week Group

    Bumped to 12/20, never received an email. Day 1 reservation Cactus Grey, Badlands, 2.7L, Sas, Hard top, Lux Didn’t read the whole thread so I’m not sure if this is an issue for anybody else but the tracker is showing 2 different configurations. Under the “Configuration summary” everything...

    You should probably just do us all a favor and cancel your order.
  10. Analog HD _ / / 2021+ Bronco wheel thread - Specs

    Just ordered a set for the buy 3 get 1 free deal. My Bronco isn’t scheduled to be built for another month or so but I just couldn’t pass up saving $300+ on this set. Can’t wait to have these on my rig day 1. Am I going to need a different set of lug nuts or will the factory ones work fine?
  11. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    Which spacers did you go with?
  12. Why are y'all not doing the Bronco Wave?

    Why are people trying so hard to be like Jeep?
  13. Y'all Are More Patient Than Me (Defender v. Bronco Comparison)

    Because if he goes to the Land Rover forums he’s the poor guy because he got the $57k model and not the $100k model.
  14. Ideas for Aftermarket Wheels on Carbonized Gray?

    Same. I hate this trend. It’s so hard to find a decent looking set of wheels without the fake beadlocks and a ton of bolts everywhere.
  15. Y'all Are More Patient Than Me (Defender v. Bronco Comparison)

    I’m not buying the “about the same price” as your Big Bend. If your defender was $57k, that’s “about the same price” as my loaded Badlands Sasquatch.
  16. Current Bronco Owners! Jeep owners May Be Your Friend!

    Any “rivalry” between car owners is stupid.
  17. SEMA / aftermarket disappointing?

    You’re disappointed that there were no angry eyes grilles? Seriously?