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  1. Scheduling 1500 Mile Oil Change Today, Dealer Said Let It Ride Til 7500 Miles

    Changed mine at 1500. Partly because I wanted the full synthetic. The more interesting thing here is dealer said same thing to me and tried to talk me out of oil change. With dealers struggling right now with low inventories, I really don’t understand why they’d basically decline business (even...
  2. Had to jump down my dealer throat!!

    So you realized it was delivered 8/30 in September and are now just getting around to asking dealer about it?? I don’t get it.
  3. Video: Bill @ Evilletruck goes full send and breaks his Bronco

    I used to do stupid shit like that wheeling…..well maybe not that stupid. :ROFLMAO: Good luck with repairs Bill.
  4. Took delivery...worth the wait.

    Great looking rig!! Had similar experience with rideshare services there. Have fun and enjoy it!
  5. For those of us that still have a MIC on order... here's recent feedback soft top will work just fine until AFC molds their superior aftermarket top soon. No regrets leaving the trash MIC(multi-color) behind.
  6. How do I get a MIC top for my softie?

    I emailed Advance Fiberglass Concepts a month or two ago about hard top they’re developing. Rep there said first quarter 2022. No additional information at this time. I doubt it’s gonna be cheap.
  7. Dealer wants 15k over sticker now that my bronco arrived

    @Ford Motor Company Perfectly fine with dishonest dealers regularly screwing people. Meanwhile at Granger, SAC, and Chapman where honest folks and transparency is punished by the mothership. And about that MY22 price protection. Total BS corporate line. If Ford doesn’t care about dickhead...
  8. Most basic lift question ever?

    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT’s. Went from the stock 255’s to 295’s. I get it. Replacing stock rubber to aftermarket is expensive. But if you’re going to lift it you should go with bigger tire. Otherwise, don’t lift it cuz you’re not going to get aggressive look you think. Go stock set up til...
  9. Most basic lift question ever?

    Yup…what Natureman said. Have 2” on non SAS OBX myself. Gotta be honest tho. It’s not going to look aggressive with the stock Bridgestone Duellers and a lift. IMHO it’s gonna look even worse. The reason people lift is to clear more rubber for wheeling and look.
  10. Weird Question - does your gear selection (PRNDM) illuminate at night?

    Cheers to you Rick on Drinksgiving Eve!!
  11. Weird Question - does your gear selection (PRNDM) illuminate at night?

    Interesting. Yes...still weak. If I didn't have it on truck I wouldn't have any idea what's warm or not. It's cold here now so it's on all the time. Think I'm coughing up some coin for an OBD2 unit and adjust setting through Forscan on heat as suggested.
  12. New Tires - What did you buy and why?

    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT’s 285/70/18. Triple peak snow rated, quiet, aggressive side wall, great reviews and made in USA!!
  13. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    Good to hear. I also went full synthetic at 1500mi. Not certain, but I believe the documented failures by @mpeugeot have been <4k mi so glad to see you at 6100. You've been busy:)
  14. Advice non sas OBX

    Those wheels come in a +30, +18, or 0 offset. If your going to a SAS flare and want a bit of poke the +18 should provide that. If you're looking for more flush it would be +30. 17" or 18" isn't going to impact anything other than amount of sidewall you have. If rock crawling and rig will be...
  15. Ford trying to end my marriage with no memory drivers seat

    Don't disagree the rig should have memory seats with High and Lux packages. It's not a luxury car item necessarily, The F Series has had them forever. And I do hope you're joking about the divorce cuz if not that relationship sounds like the 2.7 with a batch of bad valves. Good luck!