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  1. Cousin Eddie

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    I just got back from AOAA. I'll post some info and a couple of pictures and videos later today. My son and I went. Spent about 4 hrs there. Total cost was $45. Had a blast!
  2. Cousin Eddie

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    Only thing I got was the poster with the concept. But I did take delivery of my Badlands in July.
  3. Cousin Eddie's Build Journal

    As you can see in the pictures above, also installed the Aeroskin II Deflector Trail Armor.
  4. Cousin Eddie's Build Journal

    Finally got the Baja Designs XL-80s and installed them. Originally ordered directly from Baja Designs but they had an 8-10 week lead time. I saw Northridge 4x4 had them in stock and roughly $100 cheaper. In addition, I signed up for their newsletter and got an additional $50 off. The only...

    When I ordered mine in January, my dealer required a 10% deposit. I also signed a sales contract which the dealer signed also. I caught a lot of flack on the forums. People telling me I'm being taken advantage of. Ends up, whe I took delivery, I paid the signed contract price. No ADM, no...
  6. Anyone planning to install two way radio (either Ham, CB or other?)

    Yes, I finished the install. Funny you should ask about the flex. I went offroading on some dirt roads. They were a little bumpy but nothing requiring 4wd. I was moving pretty good on the roads, opening it up and bouncing around. When I returned home, I noticed my antenna snapped about 2 inches...
  7. Cousin Eddie

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    I am planning on going to either Rousch Creek or AOAA on Nov 22nd. I'd prefer Rousch Creek but they require groups of at least 2. AOAA only recommends 2. Going alone means I'll have to forgo the more challenging trails (anything that remotely looks like I'd get stuck). If anyone is interested...
  8. Driver's Side Rear Window Auto Open Intermittent Failure

    The issue I was having is that the driver's side rear window would not automatically go down the inch or so it is supposed to. The way I found this out was a passenger got into the back seat. I had to back out of a parking spot. When I looked in the driver's side mirror, I could see a gap...
  9. Ditch your Fridge Magnets - Adhesive backed Heritage Bronco Fender Badges by BroncoDepotUSA

    Wondering if you've though about doing an orange accent? Something to go along with the Badlands orange.
  10. Cousin Eddie

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    I can't imagine a dealer getting no allocations. Maybe if you were the only order but I'm sure there were others in the Tunkhannock area. Sounds a little fishy.
  11. Heated Seats

    Before I was in my Bronco I was in a car with heated seats and just the ass got hot, not the lower back. I prayed the Bronco went up the lower back and lo and behold it does! For the minor issues I've experienced with a FOAK, I am extremely happy with the Bronco!
  12. I’ve had more than one person think my Bronco is a Jeep…

    When I first got mine, I had Jeeps giving me the wave constantly. They've stopped in the last 2 months.
  13. Gonna Find Out How Easy It Is To Clean The Badlands MGV!

    Went for a ride on some dirt roads, nothing challenging, just fun. Had the Badlands doing about 50 when I spotted a decent size puddle (about 30 feet long, 6 to 10 inches deep, full width of the track). I let up on the gas for a sec then said said F'it and hammered down. It was like I was 5...
  14. Cousin Eddie

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    I second the no regrets! I drive it every chance I get. The wife is getting annoyed we can't ride anywhere in her Explorer anymore lol! Picked mine up July 11th, just had my 7,500 mile service.
  15. Cousin Eddie's Build Journal

    Wouxun KG-1000G GMRS radio installed above the driver's side visor...
  16. Cousin Eddie's Build Journal

    They fit very well! I was a little concerned the "spikes" on the back might damage the floor but I've been checking it daily for signs of indentation but nothing so far.