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  1. RTR Wheels For 2021 Bronco Now Available

    Original OP's link to manufacturer product page does not indicate bore sizes available, vendor's are listing appropriate bore available. Good to hear, it is a big deal.
  2. RTR Wheels For 2021 Bronco Now Available

    It is very tough chasing out wobbles with a lug centric wheel.
  3. Jumping Ship? - What's Your Plan B Vehicle Purchase?

    Just received Ford shipping notification on my Badlands 2dr order. 800 miles on the JL XR, no issues, no TSBs, no dealer shenanigans... give it 8 years, see if Ford irons out the mess.
  4. Bronco Flag is in next package from Ten10

    Makes a good drop cloth for my JLURXR Bronco Surrogate, when I do oil changes... which will be several before most receive their reservations...
  5. Ford Performance ARB Portable Air Compressor Kit Overview

    ... just toss that twin ARB compressor into this well organized malignancy...
  6. Ford Performance ARB Portable Air Compressor Kit Overview

    ... just toss that twin ARB compressor into this well organized malignancy...
  7. Jumping Ship? - What's Your Plan B Vehicle Purchase?

    My PlanB delivered Monday, JL Unlimited Rubicon Xtreme Recon. 8 weeks from order to delivery! Configuration is way more specific than Bronco ordering. Received my Badlands order build date for Nov. 15 a couple weeks ago... so the dealer gets some lot stock, reservation holders get the finger...
  8. How long until Ford just cancels outstanding reservations?

    Canceling the reservations would be a kindness. The post mortem of the Bronco Reservation debacle will be golden. Ford still sold all the Broncos they could produce, kept focus on the product for a year and a half, took up much of the auto journalism bandwidth and kept anyone interested in...
  9. 📬 9/30 Scheduling email received group! [Post your reservation + build dates]

    Ford finally sent VIN on Bronco, reserved 7/13/20, Order/deposit 1/19/21, scheduled production 11/15/21. Same day Jeep dealer just gave me an ETA for a Rubicon JLU with XR package, ETA at SoCal terminal of 10/12. It was ordered 8/13. Stellantis 8.5 weeks actual Ford 45 weeks est. (not...
  10. Harbor freight winch on sale.....

    10 plus years on a Badlands 12,000 lbs winch, no protection, still works like day one. It's a tool, not a lifestyle decision.
  11. Rendered Illustration of Ford Raptor

    @gentlemanbronco couldn't be more right. Terrible photoshop hack. Hood scoop and grill lights not centered, light spread out more than reveal. Used to be the magazines had quality content and the internet were the hacks. Now magazine based journalists are the least connected, some youtubers...
  12. How do you plan to mount your Hi Lift jack?

    Mount the Hi-Lift to my garage wall, take out when I need to work on a fence line with a farmer's tool, like it is intended. ... for camp entertainment ask for a Hi-Lift as winch demonstration, hours of fun.
  13. Vegas Off-Rodeo - Who's Going

    None of the Broncos appear to be registered, no plates. Doubt anyone's auto insurance would cover unregistered vehicle on private trails in a driving event... It would be a strange claim for damage, could be more for personal injury? Either way there must be a huge blanket policy over the...
  14. Animosity toward IFS offroader

    Most jeep owners are never exposed to the need for that SFA articulation... ever. Vast majority of jeeps have no lockers and no need for lockers, yet lockers drastically improve off road capability. ... and without a lift you don't get the great articulation numbers.
  15. Hammock swag gift thread

    Can't wait to use the hammock this weekend with my FJ in Sedona... ... and in 2 months in my JL Unlimited Xtreme Recon... ... karma is a b¡tch.
  16. ADM is now a Ford problem

    ... until it becomes so common the buyers switch to a competitor's product... and it is happening. I don't need to be hit with the same stick I see others being hit with to learn. Ford asking for another 6-12 months with no price protection is Ford's problem.
  17. ADM is now a Ford problem

    After riding Ford's Bronco Hype train for a year, taking your reservation to a dealer, agreeing on price just to have dealer help themselves to a big slice of ADM or you're out is well beyond common practice with ordered vehicles. Adding ADM in this case is outrageous, and definitely impacts...
  18. Is it possible to add a Ford Stabilizer Bar disconnect later?

    Manual disconnects are far from easy to disconnect and reconnect especially as the hardware ages. Lighter tension swaybar is much better or remove it entirely, may require spring upgrade. IFS guys have been doing this for decades.
  19. Ford oil change intervals

    No guesswork, I use Blackstone laboratory reports and adjust interval as needed, including air filter. Found out my K&N air filter was terrible for silicon levels... inspect/adjust.
  20. How to keep rubber floor mats looking good?

    Go to Sedona or Moab, leave redsand in matts... ...trail cred.