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  1. How do I get a MIC top for my softie?

    I wouldn't expect Ford to start selling standalone hardtops until supply catches up with demand so maybe 2023?
  2. Dealer wants 15k over sticker now that my bronco arrived

    Here are some suggestions:
  3. Top Ford Dealers By Volume?

    And yet Levine advised us to ask.
  4. Jerry Can Mount?

    You'd need to be careful about the weight, but this seems like a possible option when you just need a short term solution. Maybe pair it with this reinforcement although this seems of limited help. It takes some of the weight off the door, but still...
  5. How is this possible?!

    Without more detail, it is not possible to be certain, but the '22 allocation formula can cause a lot of weirdness. Most of the discussion is how this will impact Granger/Chapman/Stephens, but I suspect the impact is much larger than that. A dealer with a bigger percentage of overall Bronco...
  6. John Bronco finally got his (2-door Wildtrak)!!!

    Yah. What is his timestamp and what dealer did he get his through? Or did he get a Priority 1? Nobody even knows where John Bronco is and somehow he was able to get a reservation, order, and delivery??? Something is up. 🤣
  7. SelfSquatch Complete w/ 35x12.5R17 Toyo MT + 1" Rough Country Level Lift (added more pics)

    Good info! $5K CAD is close to $4K USD which is very close to the cost to squatch a Badlands. Plus, you have an extra set of wheel/tires to keep as an alternative set or to sell. I wouldn't think there would be any rubbing since you put on 35s although I'm guessing they are slightly larger than...
  8. Dealer has 300 Bronco's on order

    The suggestion to move to another dealer is rather pathetic. Unless dealers and Ford are open to providing their projected allocation, size of their reservation list, and where your timestamp fits in the reservation list, how do you that the move will help with your delivery?
  9. Dealer has 300 Bronco's on order

    That is only true a the dealer level. It would be more accurate to say: First Ford determines the dealer allocation. Ford then fulfills that allocation by prioritizing that dealer's reservation orders over stock for that dealer as long as parts availability allows it. With the allocation...
  10. Poll: Reason for Ordering A Bronco

    Most of the above? I can't pick out a single most important reason. It is the combination of multiple factors that went into the decision.
  11. MSRP mark up

    Here is a really good list of suggestions:
  12. Thanks for the add, just wanted to show you my addition to the family

    I know most people mount their wench on the front bumper, but I prefer to store mine inside. It keeps it clean and not on display for everyone. I only mount it when absolutely necessary.
  13. Badlands Badge to Grill Relocation Kit

    It looks crooked in the picture. Is that just the angle the picture is taken from?
  14. Bronco October 2021 Sales & Production Numbers: 7,364 Sold / 7,668 Produced

    It may be true that at an individual dealer level, reservations will be filled first. However, with the allocation formula for '22, dealers will run out of reservations at different times. Once a dealer runs out of reservations either they will start getting dealer stock or their allocation will...
  15. DaveH

    Colorado Bronco Club

    @dbeyers It is my impression that Ford adjusts the total allocation to approximately match anticipated production.
  16. DaveH

    Colorado Bronco Club

    @dbeyers Maybe hypothetical example will help: Dealer A: Allocated 200 Broncos for MY22 based on the last 3 years of overall sales. Has 125 reservations. Will end up with 75 for dealer stock. Dealer B: Allocated 150 Broncos for MY 22 based on the last 3 years of overall sales. Has 250...
  17. DaveH

    Colorado Bronco Club

    @dbeyers The allocation formula is does nothing of the sort. Any dealer that has a bigger percentage of overall Bronco sales than their percentage of overall Ford vehicle sales will still be filling customer reservations while other dealers will have filled all their reservations and are getting...
  18. After the Bronco, will you ever buy another NEW Ford?

    If your answer is "Hell No" then I am confused why you are still planning to buy a Bronco. What factors are major enough that you will never buy another Ford (including another Bronco), but not significant enough to put a stop to buying a Bronco?
  19. I’ve had more than one person think my Bronco is a Jeep…

    If someone confused my Bronco with a Jeep, I'd be ecstatic . . . because it means I would actually have a Bronco!!!