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  1. Aftermarket mesh top that can stay on full time with the hardtop?

    I'm getting this one , but only works with the soft top if you want to leave it on.
  2. 🛠 11/22/21 Build Week Group

    Well I know mine is built and doesn't work for me either, but then again I'm computer handicapped.o_O
  3. 🛠 11/22/21 Build Week Group

    It was vary surprising, I actually got the email of my delivery date this Saturday 11/27/21 around 1:00 PST , the first email was sent Thanksgiving evening PST saying that my delivery date was approximately the 22nd of December. Hope that helps, but probably not. :unsure:
  4. 🛠 11/22/21 Build Week Group

    Looks like I have my delivery date, best Christmas ever. 11/22/21 build date
  5. (UPDATE with video) Leak from drivers side on soft top near airbag in the halo

    Ya well we have different rain up here in the PNW then the rest of the country ;)
  6. Rockslide Engineering Steps - GROUP BUY has started!

    Well ,there cheaper then the 4 door. ;)
  7. 🛠 11/22/21 Build Week Group

    Mine populated last night, merry Christmas to both of us. ;)
  8. How long from shipped to the dealer?

    Well , and I know that this could be wrong because "my dealer said " But she said it would typically take at least 2-3 weeks to arrive to the dealership up here in the PNW by rail , and with a Nov 22 build date it throws me into the Hollidays not to mention any weather delays as well, so I...
  9. 🛠 11/22/21 Build Week Group

    Looks like mine is on the same rail as yours, just received today.
  10. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Just received my window sticker few hrs ago, never received email from ford ,I just checked old mail with my vin # on it. This is my late reservations, my early reservations is for my 22 WT that might be pushed out to 23 on the account I still want my mod top. Reservations date 1-1-21 Order...
  11. Rockslide Engineering Steps - GROUP BUY has started!

    Todd Interested as well , I will message you.
  12. Vent visor & Rain guard

    Ya well, totally forgot about that, what a dumb ass I am. 😒 Mabey if I have a bronco, I would have known that.Lol
  13. Vent visor & Rain guard

    Any vendors making rain guards for the full size bronco yet? Only seem to find them for the sport at this time, there a great accessory for us up here in the PNW.
  14. No mechanic, but what the f... is this?

    Looks like your break line to me.
  15. Bronco Finder

    The PNW Bronco Group

    11/22 build , probably more like Dec then the holidays start at MAP so see you in February all.
  16. XPEL Stealth PPF on Velocity Blue Bronco Badlands 🤩

    I'm looking at doing the same to my rapid red Badlands, who did you have do it in our area?
  17. Production date moved up???

    Nope I have the same build date 11/22 but nothing.
  18. Warn Elite Front Bumper - best option if you have a front camera

    Well shit ! Thanks for the heads up, just called warn and told me the same thing, the guy from 4-wheel parts assured me it would only require a bracket to move the solenoid ( 79.00 ) and said nothing about the adaptive cruise control relocation , so at least the good news is that since I just...