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  1. Hardtop design flaw with window strut

    Pleeeeeaase Ford, can the 2 door get a soft top?
  2. Say what? Scheduled for the week of January 17th??

    Four door soft top. It’s what Ford wants ALL of us to order.
  3. 📬 11/18/22 Scheduling Email Received Group

    Absolutely! I was always happy when folks in front of me got theirs, because it should mean I’m one closer to getting mine. Brand new orders with constraints getting scheduled destroys any meaning of reservation time stamp.
  4. 📬 11/18/22 Scheduling Email Received Group

    Lots of mic, 2.7, sas in different combos For brand new orders. Reservation time stamps officially meaningless.
  5. Bestop Trektop Soft Top now available

    I decided a while back that I am not purchasing anything Bronco-related until I have a VIN. Until then, it’s not real.
  6. Bestop Trektop Soft Top now available

    Okay, Ford. Grab one of these and throw it on a 2 door and deliver me my Bronco.
  7. How to see my hitch ball?

    Craft some type of flag that easily attaches (and removes) from the ball so that it is in camera range. Sorta like the tennis ball attached to a string in the garage.
  8. And Ford gave this company a Bronco before all of us!

    It certainly is uuhm, uh, eye-catching.
  9. Another dealer ADM

    Might try to speak to the GM to see if the salespeople you talked to were speaking for the dealership, or for themselves. Call Bronco customer service to switch dealerships. Hell, if I were you and decided to quit the entire process, I’d switch dealer ships and then cancel so these clowns...
  10. What 'Dealer Fees' did you have to deal with (or not) when you picked up your Bronco?

    I’ve often wondered about those surveys. Does a lower score affect both the salesperson and the dealer?
  11. DIY How-To: Painting Beadlock Wheel Beauty Ring From Silver to Black (on Badlands Sasquatch)

    Black pony on cactus looks fantastic. So doing this.
  12. DIY How-To: Painting Beadlock Wheel Beauty Ring From Silver to Black (on Badlands Sasquatch)

    Pardon my ignorance, but after spray on, you simply peel off the overspray?
  13. Ford Reveals Bronco DR; Production Desert Racer With Coyote V8

    Sell my soul, my house and I still couldn’t get one. 😞. Guess I can watch Jay Leno drive his on YouTube.
  14. Ford planning to rebrand the company with a new name

    Perfect time for a rebrand. It should absolutely involve getting rid of the stealership business model.
  15. Motor Trend says Bronco has "poor build quality". Fact or Bias?

    Test drove a four door BB soft top 2.3 - pretty much the opposite of my build and I was very satisfied overall with the quality. I will always be baffled at Fords decision to forego 2 door soft top, however.
  16. No mechanic, but what the f... is this?

    Something to add to the the delivery inspection list.
  17. UPDATED #2: My first mechanical issue! Led me to driving a 2dr BL.

    Sluggish drive is an unannounced exciting new “feature”.
  18. Am I misunderstanding this or is it my dealer?

    Ask to see the DORA. You’ll probably get the same thing I get. Crickets. Try to see what your priority code is. If 99, you will never get scheduled. I would try to contact Ford customer service and ask them to escalate.