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  1. Chip shortage news. Ford layoffs only for this week.

    Plenty of room on dirt mountain for some 2.7s to hang out /s
  2. Eruption Green & Hot Pepper Red Metallic coming for 2022 Bronco. Antimatter Blue, Lightning Blue and Rapid Red Going Away

    Demanded by Enthusiasts And Inspired by its Heritage, Eruption Green Paint Option Set for 2022 Bronco; Hot Pepper Red Too | Ford Media Center DEARBORN, Mich., Aug. 20, 2021 – Packed with the latest off-road technology, the Ford Bronco’s early years are the inspiration for new Bronco color...
  3. Support for The Stig - B6G Call to Action

    I've ridden this rollercoaster from Day 1 regarding the Bronco and have continued to hold on as the wheels have fallen off from all corners. If the Stig is let go then that will be the final straw to break the camel's back for me. I don't need to pay $60k for this constant headache, the Stig...
  4. Test Drive Produces Bronco Joy -- Review of 2-Door Bronco 2.7L in New Hampshire

    I always appreciate your enthusiasm and attention to detail across both forums buzzy. Glad you love this thing as much as you hoped you would!
  5. JGuske23

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Denooyer Ford in Vicksburg has a 4 Dr basesquatch with center console lock and pull out trunk chest, got to test drive it yesterday, pretty awesome
  6. JGuske23

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Congrats! A great looking rig!
  7. When manufacturing cannot meet reservations

    I've actually stayed the night at the Avanti house in South Bend as an Air BnB, pretty interesting car, owners of the place pulled up in one on check out
  8. JGuske23

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Awesome man I love to see it!
  9. JGuske23

    Michigan Bronco Club

    @DETT congrats man, I hope you get it ASAP
  10. JGuske23

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Congratulations! Assuming you were a priority order?
  11. 17 combined Fuel Economy?

    Daily, and I put 105,000 miles on my new jeep in 3 years, including a covid restricted traveled year
  12. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    4 Dr, 36 a 2 year old Pretty interesting you think 2dr = freedom when you have so little interior space people are looking to remove the seats and the gas tank in significantly smaller killing the range on said freedom lmao. But if 2 less doors somehow means that to you then sure! Freedom haha!
  13. 2 door seats - power

    I think the lack of memory seats makes power less attractive anyway
  14. JGuske23

    Michigan Bronco Club

    I agree, I don't think there's a wrong choice on engine decisions
  15. Ordered Yesterday

    Ha well MIC throws you out into the waiting pool with everyone else, so shore up to the bar with me as I'm a morning day 2 badlands mic 2.7 lux, 2nd at my dealership with no VIN
  16. Ordered Yesterday

    Honestly depending on your build you could still get a vin quickly. What did you order?
  17. Good bye bronco

    I dunno man I think you're going to have to sit in it again because there's no way. The kid from bronco nation is 6'1" and he's on video showing the huge space above his head
  18. Good bye bronco

    Did you have the seat all the way up or something? I'm the same height as you and there is a TON of headroom. Even more so with a soft top
  19. My order is in limbo

    I say hold the line, I have the same build as you, no vin yet. These are mass produced vehicles, everyone will have one that wants one. They will be everywhere! Get it the way you want it, even if it takes a few more weeks to get it that way