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  1. window getting caught when opening door

    This does not fix the issue this thread is about.
  2. window getting caught when opening door

    Has anyone else gotten their dealer to fix this? It’s driving me nuts and window reset made it worse on 2 of the doors.
  3. 5500 Mile Review Wildtrak

    My new Bronco squeaks and rattles way more than my 7 year old diesel super duty. And way more than any new vehicle should.
  4. MIC 2.0 Paint Rub

    Thanks, this is probably the source of one of my many squeaks and rattles. I'll check it out.
  5. Had to jump down my dealer throat!!

    Don’t you know Broncos need to age like fine wine and cheese.
  6. 2021 Bronco B&O Sound System Review

    So I owe the B&O a bit of an apology. I trashed the system before based on playing with it in a couple different pre-Prod units. After living with mine a while it is a “decent” system. By no means a premium system. Surround mode is a must. As the previous guy said the system focused towards the...
  7. Road & Track Review: The Ford Bronco Made Me Understand the Wrangler

    For those worried about the Bronco handling on the highway, don’t be. It drives so straight it is constantly warning me to keep my hands on the steering wheel. I literally have to wiggle the steering wheel unnecessarily to quiet the nanny. My love/hate relationship with the Bronco is all quality...
  8. How do I get a MIC top for my softie?

    Ford said 2023. So expect it later. It’s gonna be a while.
  9. Made it to day 3 but the honeymoon is over .... EPS System Failure

    The hundreds / thousands of Broncos that have left MAP with these loose.
  10. For those of us that still have a MIC on order... here's recent feedback

    No way. Most of the people who have a soft top are like you, they settled for the saggy diaper for less wait. Btw good list, spot on.
  11. For those of us that still have a MIC on order... here's recent feedback

    My MIC 2.0 recently picked up begs to differ with your findings. It has all of the known issues.
  12. All-New Ford RANGER Revealed! New Bronco Competition From Within Ford

    Design is great improvement over the ugly truckling of current gen. You can see the Ford in it, like a baby f150.
  13. No wonder it's loud - yuuuge gaps in the clam shell seals!

    Yes mine is the same. The rubber seals were glued on by a monkey. Went looking for the cause of the horrible wind noise and found this and more.
  14. FE towed due to network/power issues

    Sounds like the loose fuse block screws issue.
  15. Ford trying to end my marriage with no memory drivers seat

    Ignore the boomers, fanbois, and the poors. Your right, it’s a ridiculous oversight to not have memory settings for the power seat option in 2021. End of story.
  16. Airbag Recall thread..

    Your best bet for info is the NHTSB website. They are the ones who handle/approve the recall program before Ford can take action on it. Someone posted the case link sometime last week and it was still “under review”. Government entities are not in a hurry. Ever.
  17. Bronco Ford Performance Power Packs on the way for more HP and Torque

    Not really.