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  1. Buying a Ford today compared to 20 years ago better

    actually getting bothered by a morning ping and not having a real book with pages (that always work) seems a step backwards to me. To each his own though, hope you enjoy the heck out of your new vehicle!
  2. Dealer wants 15k over sticker now that my bronco arrived

    No, but you have to start a transaction. You may want to read the terms of service on the various rating systems to see to what you agreed. You may also want to get a dictionary and look up 'libel'. I don't much care what you do or rationalize., just hate to see misinformation put out there...
  3. You CAN move your Bronco reservation as of TODAY!!!

    I was speaking of transfers, not of a brand new order, sorry for any confusion. Also Ford is crystal clear that they don't think or care about how many people wait or for how long they wait.
  4. You CAN move your Bronco reservation as of TODAY!!!

    I am 90% convinced Ford is sitting on almost all of these and doing the same thing as when a reservation was....appropriated by a dealer. Simply making a new order with the old time stamp at the new dealer and leaving the old one to get filled eventually at the old.
  5. My reservation says ordering with dealer - is this normal?

    yes, your dealer put in an order under your name and reservation number last St. Patrick's Day and again sometime after 2022 order banks opened. If you did not authorize them to do that, you might have a problem, if you did, then perfectly normal.
  6. Looking for a Bronco to buy?

    it currently has the MSRP price scratched out and says 'call for price'. I am thinking it is not another $2000 off...

    Obviously you have checked before posting and your original dealer wasn't bought out or had a name change, so I would call both dealers and see what's up
  8. Break in period really needed??

    In my experience, admittedly limited to diesel engine tests, rings are fully seated in a couple hundred thousand revolutions. Call it 80 miles in a manual and 120 in an automatic. I personally like to subject it to medium high loads both in power application and in compression braking to flex...
  9. Cactus Grey 🌵 FE envy?

    none of the colors show true online, it is a real crap shoot, especially with the color shifting stuff.
  10. 4 year wait for Bronco orders?

    Huh? Sure.. Ford suggested a default dealer near you (although they actually did not do that for Granger), but was very specific that we could choose our preferred dealer from anywhere we wanted and further, that they would be built in timestamp order and no dealer stock would be made before...
  11. Build time from beginning to end - "in general"?

    about twenty hours if recall correctly. If you are asking when Ford will start it down the line, they cannot give you a good date when they have all the data, what makes you think any of us can?
  12. How Fast will the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Be?

    The tires are probably going to keep it limited to below 106 MPH. As to how quick it will be (which I think was the question you meant to ask), It is going to be heavy, I expect 0-60 in around 5.3 seconds and the quarter mile in low 14.xx @ 98 MPH (based on my questimate of power and weight)
  13. Too many logos or easter eggs?

    they need to keep up the illusion that the four door actually has heritage instead of being a sell out use of the Bronco badge on a vehicle that dates all the way back to 2021.
  14. 4 year wait for Bronco orders?

    same boat, Ford's formula does not even consider the amount of reservation orders at a dealer when deciding how many to send that dealer. Let that sink in... Ford does not care how many people have reservations or how long they have waited or will have to wait to get a Bronco at their...
  15. Had to jump down my dealer throat!!

    How dare you bring up plausible alternate reasoning! Maybe they lost their prep guy to a better job and the sales staff is busy selling used stuff. Also the OP admitted they said '51?' and the response was "yes, they're all back there", hardly a precise verification. Could be any one of a...
  16. You CAN move your Bronco reservation as of TODAY!!!

    Yep, giving you a slightly better chance at shaving some time off at the expense of the number of 'orders' you blow off making other real reservationists wait even longer. While technically a dick move, nobody will seriously blame you for doing it. Ford owns every bit of this fiasco. The...
  17. I don’t think it is going to happen

    I recommend giving up, as Ford, to the best of my knowledge, has never made a single self-imposed date or deadline for the launch, not even the launch date, without having it slip. Just assume they are going to fail and you will get it when you get it. Lets the tension slip away...
  18. Upsized Tires and MPG Drop

    3.4% is error from larger diameter tire. The rest is added rolling resistance, air resistance from the wider tire, and a touch of weight increase. Actually it seems to me that you did better than I would have expected.
  19. New here and tried my best to do research. Looking to fly somewhere to find my Bronco on a lot...

    I would also like to find the best deal on a lot Bronco that I can buy and (I swear not) flip for a profit and have you all do the leg work for me.
  20. 2-Door Manual 2.3 Review, Tire Upgrade and VB Stablemates

    You best let Ford know so they don't look foolish, since they are the ones that had it built for the Bronco, I am sure they would love to know that your feelings on the matter trump the number of forward gears and their advertised spec. From Transmission 10-Speed...