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  1. Easy bolt replacement for hardtops

    Was thinking the same, how often are you taking off the shell? That’s a PITA. Do it once and leave it off for a few months.
  2. Unfunctinable instrument cluster

    Of course they’re going to turn off when they sense light, they’re operated by a light sensor.
  3. Big Bend Katzkin Leather

    Black and Brown are neutrals they go with pretty much everything.
  4. 📬 11/18/22 Scheduling Email Received Group

    I would, I got into this fiasco last August for a Bronco for my wife never expecting this shit storm. I placed an October too with Granger and I liked the 4 door squatch so much I was going to use it. I gave up after 4-5 weeks because this is dumb and bought a Gladiator, couldn’t be happier...
  5. Hardtop design flaw with window strut

    Agreed, don’t ever wax anything on the Bronco. Also go OSU! -signed, you stole my coach and he can go to hell. 😃
  6. Hardtop design flaw with window strut

    That’s embarrassing. Wtf 😂
  7. Nevermind the Bags of Cash All Over the Road, Check Out the Badlands Bronco! 💰

    I didn’t know this, that’s fitting though. 👌🏻
  8. New Product R&D: Body Panel Armor for Bronco

    In before, “its a Bronco, maybe you should buy something else if you don’t want it scratched!” There’s something similar for the gladiator, I think it’s a good idea.
  9. The Panda Power Module is HERE! A 2.7L Tuning Solution by Panda Motorworks!

    Sounds too good to be true lol. Very cool though, maybe I’ll buy one and throw it up on the shelf. Will the warranty cover the next 4 years until our Bronco arrives?
  10. 📬 11/18/22 Scheduling Email Received Group

    You seem to misconstrue, I’m nearly mocking the fact you’re acting as if your 4 month wait was exhausting, “I thought it would never happen!!!!” Either way I don’t really care why you waited, it’s the fact you did wait. I do blame Ford, I blame Ford very much for this shit show. But, congrats...
  11. 📬 11/18/22 Scheduling Email Received Group

    Same here man. We’re looking at the Defender too but they said they had issues ordering them because digital gauges. Macans are sweet too!
  12. 📬 11/18/22 Scheduling Email Received Group

    You waited for 4 fucking months. Ever? Quadruple that with no fucking end in sight and you can join the rest of us. Fuck you Ford.
  13. 📬 11/18/22 Scheduling Email Received Group

    Yep! If I ever buy this Ford, who even knows anymore. It’ll be the first and only fucking Ford I will ever buy. The only reason I’d do that is because my wife really wants it.
  14. 📬 11/18/22 Scheduling Email Received Group

    It’s okay, we can reminisce together about the good ol’ days (I was august so way after you but still way before most of these people) about where we dreamed about driving our Broncos in summer of 2021 and how great it would be. How wonderful those times were before we had to watch everyone...
  15. 📬 11/18/22 Scheduling Email Received Group

    Nothing. What a shock. Oh and what’s that? A shit ton of people who reserved many, many months after me? Thanks @Ford Motor Company
  16. John Bronco finally got his (2-door Wildtrak)!!!

    I have no idea who any of these people are.