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  1. TPMS kit now available from Ford

    ouch. TireRack has them for $27. And any good tire shop can program them.
  2. Anyone notice poor hood alignment?

    wow your lucky. I figured Ford would say the tolerances are within spec. I had gaps much worse than that on my Ranger and they wouldn't fix it.
  3. (UPDATE-COMMON 2.7L ISSUE, NO OFFICIAL FORD COMMENT) Dealership service department says Bronco 2.7L takes 6 quarts of oil (not 7 quarts per manual)

    Everyone chill. Just fill it to capacity. 6 or 7 doesn't matter. Don't assume. It all depends how much oil is drained out. Depends how warn the oil is; that will drain quicker. Or how long you let it drain for. Fill it to within the fill level. Someone also posted a vid on youtube and they said...
  4. Ford Molded Plastic Mud Flaps Poor Fitment

    Anyone get the rear OEM plastic molded mud flaps? The rears aren't lining up with the bumper body lines and want to see if anyone else has come across this issue? I also bought the fronts and they line up perfect.
  5. Price Increase Coming on Ford Accessories & Ford Racing Performance Parts 12/1

    Just when everything else is expensive from FORD.
  6. Bronco factory roof rack diagram with part numbers

    While putting together my Bronco wish list; these roof rails and cross bars were on my list. Then I've been finding out I can't find it on Ford Accessories. Is this true? If I wanted these the only options is to buy these as individual parts? I want to take my Kayak places. Are there really...
  7. Area 51 XPEL stealth PPF wrapped Wildtrak w/ matte grille, painted letters, Black Rhino, Magnaflow, Bodyguard

    The number of times I nearly rear ended people by not seeing their brakes because they think it's "cool" to tint or black them out is way to many. It puts me and my passengers in danger because someone else thinks it cosmetically looks nice. Ya I'm a hater all right.
  8. Bandlands Lift kit ?

    Is it possible for you to weight the BL wheels and the sas wheels?
  9. Desert_6G

    ARIZONA Bronco Club

    Regret he soft top?
  10. Customer Satisfaction Credit

    You guys are lucky. Haven't heard anything from my dealer or other that ordered from them. They are likely pocketing all the money they are gifted from Ford.
  11. 2021+ Bronco ForScan Thread

    Didn't know this existed. Thanks! I read a post when someone disabled the ASS but it gave them another warning about "Charging System Service Soon". Does this happen with the changes that are shown in the excel file...
  12. Area 51 XPEL stealth PPF wrapped Wildtrak w/ matte grille, painted letters, Black Rhino, Magnaflow, Bodyguard

    Why do people tint their tail lights? It just makes it harder for people to see your brake lights and puts you at a higher chance of getting rear ended. And once you do; the cop will write you a ticket for covering your brake lights. Is it really worth it?
  13. Cargo area mat for 4-Door Bronco - Where can I buy?

    I bought some accessories from here. Very reasonable on prices and shipping compared to other sites/dealers.
  14. Turn Off Honk When Key is Outside the Vehicle - Solved via Forscan

    Did this yesterday. Now I just need to figure out how to shut off the ASS and to stop the auto headlights to come on every time I start the car.
  15. Bronco vs Ranger - cabin size and ride height ?

    It depends on which Ranger your comparing to which Bronco. Ride heights different from each trim/ tire combo. But they are very similar from owning my Ranger FX4 compared to by BL Bronco. Bronco feels a little wider but I think that comes down to the fender flares and mirrors.
  16. OEM Ford Splash Guard modification for use with rock rails [updated with template]

    I like how they stick out just further than the fender flares? It that how they normally look if you weren't running the rock rails?
  17. Carmax Appraisal Offer

    Auctions charge a 15-20% fee.
  18. Auto Start-Stop Eliminator for Bronco is now available

    This would normally be my first mod on any vehicles that has start/stop. But for $100 I just can't make myself spend that much for a few wires and connectors. Even for $50 I may get it but not $100. It's an annoying feature but I'll put up with it until FORScan comes to the rescue.
  19. Disabling Auto Headlights

    Yes. That's what I"m trying to make it stop doing.
  20. Disabling Auto Headlights

    Has anyone figured out how to disable the auto headlights so you can control the headlights manually. I can't stand that they come on automatically when you first turn the car on.