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  1. Khaki Green Bronco Outer Banks Build - 2" Lift, 35" Nitto, 20" Wheels, Rigid Lights, etc.

    Love the color! Nobody wants to wrap those rear hinges. :LOL:
  2. 2.7 Underboost condition ..please check the Charge Air Cooler Hose connection

    What is it with stuff under the hood not being properly secured at the factory? Glad you were able to get it fixed. (y)
  3. A silver lining? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Congrats. Sorry to hear. Have fun. Get better. Happy shopping. I’m not sure how to respond. 🤷‍♂️
  4. How Fast will the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Be?

    Considering it looks like a stuffed warthog pig, I’d say not very fast.
  5. Who Makes the Best Windshield Sun Shade for Bronco?

    With such an upright windshield, do you really even need one?
  6. Flatland Road in Suches Georgia

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing. (y)
  7. Video: Bill @ Evilletruck goes full send and breaks his Bronco

    His face when he gets the estimate.
  8. I captured a Photograph of a Wild Bronco and a Buffalo!

    You are technically correct. :LOL:
  9. sold my Bronco - Getting back in line

    It is if you reserved one. That said, there are a bunch of “abandoned” orders and non-reservation builds all across the country at dealers. You might still come out ahead on the price if you get one.
  10. Canvas top water issues

    Not entirely uncommon with convertibles. I used to keep a towel in the backseat floorboard just for those occasions. That way, I could reach back and grab it before I opened the window. Only needed it in heavy downpours.
  11. I’m letting my wife borrow my Bronco…

    He won’t for much longer with that attitude. :LOL:
  12. Made it to day 3 but the honeymoon is over .... EPS System Failure

    Fast becoming the official image of the Bronco experience.
  13. Mic 2.0 different colors?

    Same way this made it through. Antimatter Blue on the outside, primer on the inside; and not a single person noticed. 🤦‍♂️
  14. How to Paint a Diecast Scale Model with Factory Paint?

    First I’ve seen of a 4DR. What scale are they?
  15. New SVC Baja Bumper Update

    This guy was mesmerized.