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  1. UPDATED #2: My first mechanical issue! Led me to driving a 2dr BL.

    Ooooh boy so much to unwrap with this one. I'm still stuck on your original comment. You literally said CO is nothing like school bus yellow. Do you still stand by that statement? If yes, then yes I still think that's ignorance. I never said they are the same color, I'm just pointing out the...
  2. UPDATED #2: My first mechanical issue! Led me to driving a 2dr BL.

    @Bronco cat Speaking of ignorance, if you're able to look at the above picture and still tell people CO is nothing like school bus yellow, I have some water front property in Arizona you'd be interested in.......
  3. 2-Door Bronco Black Diamond Review After 600 Miles and 3 Weeks

    Sweet rig! I love the way it looks in those two pictures. The blue BD trim and black steelies look good with iconic silver. I can respect that you've mostly been a Toyota man. Is this your first Ford? You mentioned some comparisons in your review, but can you elaborate more on how it compares...
  4. No more Manual Transmission Broncos at the Austin Off-Roadeo

    Agreed. The clutches in Tacomas have been great for a long time. Automatics... Not so much
  5. 3000 miles in…good, bad and the ugly

    OP: "drives well at 90+ mph" Also OP: "Only gets 18.3 mpg ☹️" well I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too! Jk, thanks for the write up!
  6. First Family Vacation with the Bronco - The Gateway to the West

    Excellent write-up. Exactly the familial position I'm in, I just need my 2D basesquatch! Do you have a picture of yours you can share?
  7. Overland Green Confirmed For 2022 Bronco?

    Is it actually confirmed? If so, you could remove the question mark from the title
  8. 2 Door Base First Impressions and Ride Along With 360-degree Camera

    I would love to see the drone footage
  9. 2023 6th gen 4Runner - New Video, Renders & Insight (redesign - not refresh)

    Looks cool, but not cool enough to make me reconsider. I'm glad Toyota is updating it. Competition is great!
  10. MVM, I see this has been covered.

    Once you've added Sasquatch to black diamond, you're already in the same price point as Badlands. And remember Badlands virtually has the Saturday package minus the 35s. Food for thought Edit: Saturday? *Sasquatch... Didn't get through my morning coffee when I typed that
  11. Question to owners about Cyber Orange

    Once you've seen yellow, you'll never be able to unsee it. Sorry
  12. MVM, I see this has been covered.

    The mid package is only available with the manual on the Badlands trim. Which trim were you trying to build?
  13. My Base Bronco Suspension vs Potholes! With Crawler Gear Action

    Part of me hates the base steelies and tires because Ford has conditioned me to love the Sasquatch look... ... But the other part of me can't help but appreciate it, something about a 2-door base with the steelies that I'm in love with. It looks so utilitarian and I fully respect anybody that...
  14. Base Bronco on 33" KO2 tires & 17" Method 701 wheels

    And let the mods begin... Base is best!
  15. Who is getting a bone base plane jane Bronco?

    True, I would expect bronco to hold value but it's too new to know for certain. Also, don't discount how well Toyotas hold value!
  16. Giveaway: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Patch and Stickers! 🍍🍕

    First trip will be a road trip after I pick it up at Granger in Iowa. I'll drive North through Minnesota to show my uncle, who I've bonded with when it comes to off-roading and hiking. From there I will drive home to Idaho, stopping in/driving through national parks
  17. BaseSquatch DELIVERED : 2 Door Base Sasquatch [UPDATE - NOW WITH MORE PICTURES & REVIEW]

    @BronchoPeat I'm jealous. That's a good looking build. I still think the base grill is the best looking grill.