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  1. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    Thats kindof what im thinking, which is why i was puzzled over the Bronco Level Kit offerings, being new to lifting. But photos from other respondents have shown that the Sasquatch does have more rake then the non-Sasquatch Broncos
  2. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    So, when i get my Bronco up to 140 mph . . .
  3. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    You did exactly what I'm thinking of. Unfortunately, that stock P255/70R18 Dueler doesn't come in a larger size, and the LT version has a different tread design with a solid outside tread which would prevent sand from evacuating properly, leading to squeaking noise on the beach. That grabber...
  4. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    Well, its not sagging, its level when loaded.
  5. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    Can you tell me exactly which tires, which wheels, and how you like them?
  6. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    I would think your existing Thule would work well with the Pivot2, Thule also makes a swing-out but I can't speak to it. These are scarce, though, if you find one, grab it! In the meantime, an 8" extender would work.
  7. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    Good point. Alot depends on weight distribution. And undercarriage plating will add weight, too. I believe that the springs are different on various models for this reason.
  8. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    Thats not my point at all. My point is to ask, why would I want a front-only level kit when luggage and a sturdy, loaded bike rack seemingly level the car anyway? It seems to me that the rake is designed-in so that the vehicle CAN be loaded up. But if thats true, it just logically seems...
  9. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    I cant read your tires. What exactly are they, size and type? What do they ride like, and how do you like them? More noise or harshness than stock?
  10. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    Yes, it would clear a SAS tire and even 37" tires, I believe. You can see a yardstick lying along the bottom of the rack, it adds about 42" fully extended. 4" of that is the add-on work station. Its the most expensive pair of bike racks Ive bought, but Ive found you get what you pay for, and...
  11. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    Its a Kuat Pivot2, about $400, which extends the hitch receiver away from the spare tire, as well as being a swing-out hinge. With a swinging rear door, I have to swing the bike away to open the door. To that is mounted a Kuat NV 2.0, flat load, fold up bike rack. With the accessory work...
  12. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    Age, and its perspective, and its experience does provide some wisdom to life.
  13. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    So what happens when you load up for a trip, on or off road, with a couple hundred pounds of cargo & gear? If you raise the front level without cargo, won't it be more difficult to drive with the extra weight, which if you have a level, will make the front higher than the rear? Trying to...
  14. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    Correct. I carry a bike, and STUFF. The stuff stays in the back of the truck until i need it. And then there's room to carry extra stuff when I go to the store, or take a trip. So I have some Rake so the truck is level when I carry stuff!
  15. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    Yes, it does seem from the photo that the SAS has more rake, thanks. Nice color choice! Its like a living color, changes shade with the lighting, day and night!
  16. Level or lift kit?

    What did you end up doing? I'm assuming a 1 inch, 4 corner lift is fine, i only need a .67 lift to get to the Badlands height for 33" tires, and the higher you lift, the more the components are stressed until you need to get new coilover shocks and springs, above a 2" lift, from my research...
  17. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    I've been pondering getting a 1" lift for 33" tires on my non-SAS stock OBX, 2.7 with rear lockers. Some "experts" posit that all i need is a "level" (front 1" lift) to remove the "rake" in my Bronco. When I mentioned that to my dealer, she said their practice & recommendation was to keep the...
  18. Weekly build totals?

    Perhaps there are so many 6g members who have taken delivery, and moved on, that what dominates the site is the bad news. Would be nice to see numbers.
  19. How much longer will I be waiting???

    There's no way of knowing. Its entirely luck, with some manipulation of constrained components. I decided early on I was going to order what I wanted, and wait as long as it took. (2.7 4dr OBX, High, MIC, Tow, non-SAS). I got lucky with a 7/21 build and a 10/21 delivery due to MIC replacement...
  20. Khaki Green Bronco Outer Banks Build - 2" Lift, 35" Nitto, 20" Wheels, Rigid Lights, etc.

    It's a sharp looking vehicle, but isn't a 2" lift kit a bit unsafe and stressful on existing suspension components? I thought over 1" lift, it is better to go with a coilover lift kit with new shocks and springs? Or is this just for show?