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  1. Brake Issues

    Have had the same issue occur about 6 or 7 times.. After about 45minutes of highway driving I get the error message and the brake light comes on. Press the brake pedal and it is hard to push the first time, feels like it is pre-charged by the crash alert system. No other errors or problem. BL...
  2. NSP Reason Code G3: Dealer Do Not Schedule (Actual)???

    Since Ford changed all priority codes to 99 when converting 21 orders to 22, does this mean your dealer missed out on the first 2 rounds of scheduling?
  3. How the 2.7 drops its valves

    Interesting article but I am not sure if the failure points are the same. The article mentions the worn out needle bearings on the 5.4 screeching for 5k-15k miles before going kablooey. The 2.7 has been dropping valves with less than 1k miles.
  4. Bronco or Custom Jeep

    There are plenty of Jeep guys here, myself included, but you are not going to get much love on a Bronco forum. I also have never been a fan of Fab Fours or their stylings, but on the plus side, it looks like you will be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse should it ever befall us.
  5. Had to jump down my dealer throat!!

    Well, it is a "my dealer said" post... Chances are your salesman is exaggerating a bit with the number of Broncos that are out back. And as far as being busy selling other cars, well, there is no easier and quicker sale than a Bronco that somebody has been waiting on for year and a half. Also...
  6. Name this piece

    Heat shield. Looks around the exhaust
  7. How to: Recalibrate Speedometer with Forscan for 2021 Bronco

    Same here. PCM interruption error. AWD relearn worked fine. Put about 10 miles on it without throwing codes so I am gonna run it as is. FYI, it wouldn't let me input 2800mm or higher (37" tires = 2950mm) and would keep kept throwing an error when running the AWD relearn. Ended up at 2760mm...
  8. Took the Magic Schoolbus FE to Hidden Falls Adventure Park in TX

    I will be there by 11. We are coming from SA and the wife already declared that we won't be leaving the hotel before 9am. But don't wait on me, I can always meet up with the group when I get there. We will probably stay for about 3-4 hours. Also, I went to Bridgeport OHV on Saturday and it...
  9. Holes (mounting points?) on rear of roll bar?

    7/19 blend. Soft top. Smooth roll bar.
  10. who iz now completly more confuzed

    No painted hard tops until 2023 and a white hardtop is still just an unofficial rumor. Have your dealer send you a copy of your order preview/DORA so you can verify your priority code. If not a 99 have them change it.
  11. No wheel lock on spare

    I would be scheduling a service appointment asap.
  12. Why???!!!!!

    Owned my current JKU for 6 years and never a crack or a chip in the windshield. Have put 2k miles on my Bronco and took a rock to the windshield on Saturday. F.
  13. Understanding Priority Numbers

    So much this. LOTS of misinformation on here with people thinking a 10 will get you scheduled quicker than a 19 but that is incorrect. If ordering any other Ford besides a Bronco, a 10 takes priority over 11, 11 over 12, etc, etc. But in the Bronco ordering world 10-19 are the same.
  14. Took the Magic Schoolbus FE to Hidden Falls Adventure Park in TX

    Looks like I was able to talk the wife into going next Saturday the 27th. We will be driving up from SA on our way back to DFW so would probably get there late morningish. Will have the wife and kids with. tagging others that expressed an interest in going: @MysteryCamper @Kel @rbgolives...
  15. Whats the hold up with my order?

    Did you confirm your order in October?
  16. 📬 11/18/22 Scheduling Email Received Group

    All Bronco orders count against allocation. However, a dealer order should technically be towards the end of the line. Ford instructed dealerships to place soft top orders for dealer stock incase they didn't have any other buildable orders in their system.
  17. This makes me sick $120k for Badlands Sasquatch

    No issues here. I have a BL in the garage, a BL at the dealership waiting to be picked up and one more early reservation in my back pocket. So you can order more than 2 if you know how. Oh, and I paid under invoice and less than $105 (+tax) for two.