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  1. Video: 2022 Bronco Raptor Off-Roading, Side-by-Side vs Standard (Outer Banks) Bronco, and Rear End Undercarriage

    Man how many Bronco Raptors are gonna get parked at that sick dirt track in the future???
  2. Base Sound System Upgrade/Build

    Yep, avoided the rears for this exact reason. I tapped directly into the kick wire on both L/R, ran them to the back and they neatly come out between the two seats at the deck hump.
  3. Flatland Road in Suches Georgia

    It is amazing how fast the terrain changes once you get north of Atlanta. Beautiful riding territory
  4. Base Sound System Upgrade/Build

    I finished my sound upgrades yesterday, part 2 is completed. Summary: Kick Panels: 6.5 Infinity Reference Dash: 4" Infinity Reference (300 bass blockers installed) Rear Pods: 4" Infinity Reference (no bass blockers) The work this past weekend was all about installing some bass to even it all...
  5. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    haha you could say that. Road trip from Orlando to Utah and back.
  6. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    Ive got 6100 miles on my 2.7 (9/9 blend), no issues at all. Changed the oil at 500 miles before a big road trip, changed it again at 5600 both times full synthetic new OEM filter.
  7. BajaDesigns s2 as ditch light pics

    The S2's sure do look nice and low-profile there, must admit. I can't speak to the real world functionality of those but I can speak to the BD Squadrons and they are awesome. is a fantastic place to buy from, they helped me out in a pinch before my first big trip.
  8. New to Maintenance

    The clearance underneath is a god-send. I've done two oil changes already on mine and generally speaking its a breeze in that regard. If it ever seems above your head, dont mess with it.
  9. Tube Doors Finally Available?!

    I think for half the price you can buy a tube bender, and some quality steel tubing to make your own custom doors. Hell once you're done with that project you can make your own rock rails and numerous other components as well
  10. Stabilizer bar disconnect / reconnect speed threshold change via Forscan?

    Its 100% 20mph. If you find that setting in the modules please share, that would be a fantastic upgrade
  11. Folding Table and Cargo Area Enclosure Compatible?

    the step bit is one of the greatest inventions of all time when you start working with metals.
  12. Has anyone changed their oil yet?

    I've changed mine twice now. 2.7, gotta remove the 2nd bash plate to get to the oil pan (2 bolts removed, 2 bolts loosened for plate). The filter is up top and the easiest way to remove is with an appropriate socket because its plastic and mars easily if an adjustable wrench is used. I know the...
  13. What Infotainment Subscriptions Do I Need To Consider?

    Did you buy the $395 nav option originally? Reason I ask is that I recall the fine print saying it was a 3 year service, otherwise if unselected you got a 3 month trial.
  14. Mud Holes and Trails near Orlando

    I did a big loop through Ocala NFS, followed a Gaia trail. It was back in early October so I didnt have much water but for everything else it handled it perfectly. Be careful on some of those trails, the Bronco is so wide and the brush/foilage will DEFINITELY leave pinstriping and once you...
  15. palley6

    Central Florida Broncos

    When you get the Built notice they'll give you an estimated ship/delivery range. I live in Orlando and got mine at the dealership a week before. They definitely estimate conservatively and it seems consistent
  16. Mud Holes and Trails near Orlando

    Im in the same predicament. Went out to Tosohatchee last weekend, pretty tame for the most part but some spots can be spicy after rain.
  17. A picture says a thousand words

    So happy for you both. Hopefully by the time you're back stateside it'll be at the dealership.
  18. Color Choice Feedback

    Proud to say I picked the least popular choice according to B6G :giggle:
  19. Lot of Broncos in Florida and it hurts

    I drove across the country from Orlando and saw 5 total. Of those 5...1 was at a dealership and 1 was on the roadside display at the Offroadeo in Moab lol.
  20. Cell Phone Mount

    valid point. for the most part you really dont need the phone in sight if you're connected via those methods. for me having a phone in sight allows me to actually read text messages, record dash videos/pictures, refresh Gaia Maps, etc. Beyond that you could tuck it away and not ever need it though