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  1. Colorado Group Buy with Granger

    Here they are today at the receiving end - Congrats! Enjoy your Rapid Red Unicorn Bronco...was my choice for my '21 order...sadly will not be now, but Velocity Blue works just as well.
  2. Moab Off-Roadeo 11/6/2021 - A Few Videos

    Nice vids, Susan! Had to giggle a bit at the last one - you spent most of the time on three wheels, bobbing the corners up and down...Boing, boing, boing :ROFLMAO:
  3. Aggressive tire recommendations for PNW rainy season?

    Just put a set of Nitto Ridge Grapplers on my Jeep XJ...smooth and quiet on dry pavement...should have a Colorado snow report in the coming weeks/months. No 3-Peaks snow rating on them, but other reviews have stated they do just fine without it. Also running Duratracs on my truck, and they have...
  4. 2 DOOR Bronco raptor?

    Unless it's an elongated 2-door body on a 4-door chassis, ala the Baja Bronco R...
  5. GOBI Racks is coming for the Bronco

    Yeppers - Gonna stay tuned for the 2-door version. bookmarked...
  6. Spotted in Wauwatosa, WI

    Now that is pop-yer-eyeballs-Green! Hey, @Ford Motor Company - I dare ya to put this color on the MAP line!!!
  7. Advanced FiberGlass Bronco R Fenders & Quarters🔥

    Noice! Close to the SEMA concept Bronco set up by SPI: Holding out for these fenders/quarters and roadster door inserts...we'll see if someone steps up. :cool:
  8. Insight into this email?

    Your build order is being previewed by Ford for POSSIBLE build scheduling...many have seen these and then didn't get a build schedule notice, so don't get the hopes too high. At least you are being considered at this point - more than I have received so far.
  9. New name for Dirt Mountain???

    Anywhere that ISN'T my driveway or garage is "Purgatory"...
  10. Yes! Found someone a bronco with just minimum ADM!

    Waiting to see a pic of the moron that pays that price...
  11. Insult to Injury.

    "Whatever the market will bear" is the usual excuse for this, and there are plenty of folks willing to pony up the $$$...just encourages continuation of the practice..."Fools and their money..." etc.
  12. Eruption Green & Hot Pepper Red Metallic coming for 2022 Bronco. Antimatter Blue, Lightning Blue and Rapid Red Going Away

    Re-check the chart - Race Red and Iconic Silver were lower takes than Rapid Red or AMB...If they based it solely on that, those two would be gone. There's other factors at play that Ford hasn't revealed...
  13. 2022 MSRP Increase?

    Anyone's guess at this point...commodity parts pricing, inflation, new tooling costs (MIC tops), etc will all factor in. Plan for the worst and hope for the best? Your negotiation skills, and dealership generosity, will have the final say.
  14. Eruption Green & Hot Pepper Red Metallic coming for 2022 Bronco. Antimatter Blue, Lightning Blue and Rapid Red Going Away

    Gonna get flamed...might get banned...Don't care... I am absolutely LIVID right now...not enough alcohol in the house to calm me down. @Ford Motor Company - You drag us all through the swamp for over a year, and then shove most us down the road another 6-18 months. Now you yank our color...
  15. Just having some fun with Photoshop renderings

    Harlequin, please... 😁
  16. Ford Emblem painting DIY

    Looks like a great mod for light/bright colors...jury's out for darker ones like Rapid Red, AMB, etc...seems the emblem would disappear like the all-black ones.
  17. Floor Jack and Jack Stand Recommendations?

    I have the Long-Reach version of this one (same color, too!) for my car, truck and Jeep - works like a charm on all three, so the Bronco will be no problem. HF Daytona Long Reach Low Profile
  18. Bronco vs Bronco Sport

    Bronco Sports exist in larger numbers...
  19. [BEER BATCH] - *Badges, Get your Badges* Bronco Top Woes Pick-Me-Ups

    For the 2-door badge: "Best Look - Built Last" "Topless"