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  1. Bronco November 2021 Sales & Production Numbers: 8,287 Sold / 10,504 Produced

    That might be the case if Ford was building strictly “ back logged” Broncos. However, Broncos included in these numbers are Broncos “ just” ordered by non reservation holders and units that have not been ordered but can be built due to availability of parts. Big Bends are falling from the sky as...
  2. Does anyone want this

    I would think my $100 reservation deposit for my mythical Bronco would entitle me to everything like this for free. The nerve.
  3. Is no one ordering iconic silver?

    Silver is one of the, most popular colors selected by car buyers. Hence the manufacturers offer silver and several hues that are close to silver. ( light grays , silver blue). The majority of car buyers don’t wish to stand out or can’t make up their minds on a color so they go with one that...
  4. How much longer will I be waiting???

    My son brought home a brand new Raptor the other day. If the Bronco was going to be solely my ride, and I could get one at sticker, I would seriously consider dropping order and go that route. That truck was over the top sweet.
  5. How much longer will I be waiting???

    I went from HOW long will it be to WHY am I actually waiting on Ford to get their act together….earlier post summed it all up. Ford lied concerning the reservation process. It is that simple.
  6. Yes, another first weeks (1000+ mile) ownership impressions, stats, and issues.

    The Raptor pick up comes with good struts. Why they aren’t on the Bronco is beyond me.
  7. 📝 My Letter to the Ford Executive Team: Safety, Manf. & Quality [and Ford Executive's Follow-Up Response Call]

    I would like to know how you came across the executive teams email address. Your email was well done.
  8. Had to jump down my dealer throat!!

    Most likely there aren’t 51 Broncos in the entire state, let alone a dealers back lot.
  9. 4 year wait for Bronco orders?

    No Bronco yet, but my son is on the Motorweek staff, and he brought this sweet ride by today. It is their evaluation vehicle for an upcoming episode.
  10. Will it fit in my garage?

    SGS, “ small garage syndrome“.
  11. What did you buy your Bronco on Black Friday?

    Ask me next Black Friday. I may have my Bronco by then…..may.
  12. Now I have seen it all! $250k Buy-It-Now Ebay For Outer Banks 4-Door

    If I played and stuck a gag bid for this thing, my luck I would hit the buy it now icon……not even opening up that item lol
  13. Possible I have a used part in my Bronco?

    The assembly folks used it as a puck during a lunch time hockey game in the parking lot? This is truly strange.
  14. 2022 Bronco order help - can't decide between trims

    The OBX demand SAS. It looks like a Flex if you go standard version. Strictly in dollar terms, once you add SAS to the OBX, one might as well get a standard BL. I was in the same situation. The OBX is what would be best for my usage, but the interior choices are not to my liking and the fact I...
  15. Possible I have a used part in my Bronco?

    The person on the assembly line swapped the one from their personal vehicle on to the Bronco you received and then they put the new on on their ride out in the employee parking lot, lol….Other then that scenario, Iam hard pressed to come up with another.
  16. Is this "normal"?

    EVERY Ford Bronco should have a VIN that begins with “WTF”….
  17. HB Ford has 6 First Editions on lot w/ $50k ADM

    If overall sales plummet due to ADM the UAW will be the first bunch to cry.
  18. I want my order to take longer

    You have picked the right vehicle for not wanting one delivered soon.
  19. DIY Headliner using Dynamat and Dynaliner

    The headliner is free on the MY 22 build and price page as well. You have to select the option if you want it, but it is no added cost.