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  1. 📝 My Letter to the Ford Executive Team: Safety, Manf. & Quality [and Ford Executive's Follow-Up Response Call]

    @Cat In my dealings with upper echelon executives sometimes "crazy" can actually work. :)
  2. 📝 My Letter to the Ford Executive Team: Safety, Manf. & Quality [and Ford Executive's Follow-Up Response Call]

    You know, I used to be one of them. I tried to understand the earlier issues, i.e. computher chips. the MIC top, supply issues, etc. I tried to always be the voice of reason to maybe calm some fears. And what did I get for all of that? I got pushed back to a possible '24 build because Ford...
  3. 📝 My Letter to the Ford Executive Team: Safety, Manf. & Quality [and Ford Executive's Follow-Up Response Call]

    @Cat Job well done. Since you have their attention, and you know the correct words to get them moving maybe you could help a bunch of us out. If you get a chance (and only if you want too) mention to them how their new Bronco allocation formula for '22 made liars out of Ford and put their...
  4. NSP Reason Code G3: Dealer Do Not Schedule (Actual)???

    Finally a success story in this fiasco we call Bronco. Hope you get scehduled soon Josh.

    My thoughts also Jake. Mike, give 'em a call, maybe they can ease your worries. Good luck
  6. NSP Reason Code G3: Dealer Do Not Schedule (Actual)???

    I'm sure you don't want to embarrass the man, but maybe you can find a way to get him some help. The dealer is the one that enters the priority code, and is the one that changes it. Good luck.
  7. NSP Reason Code G3: Dealer Do Not Schedule (Actual)???

    That's what I'm thinking also Otis. Josh, tell your dealer to take the "99" off your order, and replace it with something between 10-19 if you want it to be scheduled. That should also remove all those words that no one seems to know anything about. Dang @NonfatWombat beat me by a nano second. :)
  8. Break in period really needed??

    Yes sir, David page 297 in the manual, "Breaking-In". I've seen so many questions answered here, and on other forums telling folks who ask questions like this to "read the owners manual". Now, it's up to an owner as to whether they want to follow the OM, but I figure Ford and other manufacturers...
  9. 4 year wait for Bronco orders?

    Same here Mark. I may throw in the towel, but I'll give Zach the option to keep the order in for his dealer stock. I'll never give my reservation back to Ford. F%$k 'em, Ford ain't gettin' nuttin' from me if I decide to give up.
  10. You CAN move your Bronco reservation as of TODAY!!!

    I had that same conversation with my wife today. I'm hoping to hear some type of news, good or bad, by the middle of '22. If not Ford can take my Bronco reservation, and cram it up their collective......well, you know where. I'm moving onto one of the many other plans I have rattling around in...
  11. 4 year wait for Bronco orders?

    Sadly that wouldn't have helped me at all Mark. My local dealer is a small home town owned business, and would be considered a small volumn dealer. The only thing that would change is that instead of getting a 2K below invoice I would be paying a 5K ADM. Even with that Ford screwed this dealer...
  12. 4 year wait for Bronco orders?

    Ken, Ford really threw the high hard one at Granger, you, me, and many more that reserved with them. I'm a 10/04 reservation, and I'm thinking a mid/late '24 build date also. My last contact with Zach, and his crew I was number 440 out of 1000 plus some change orders. Ford couldn't give a chit...
  13. 4 year wait for Bronco orders?

    @Tonka1 Same here Brad. @[email protected], and his crew have been so good to work with I just couldn't see rewarding a mega dealer by leaving Granger. I have become so bitter toward Ford I have to check myself when posting about the way they have treated Granger, Chapman, and Stepens. If I don't I...
  14. 4 year wait for Bronco orders?

    Yes sir, along with Chapman in PA, and Stephens in WV. I used to be a Ford fan boy, but when they screwed Granger they screwed me. Now I feel the fool for trying to back Ford during the last year and a half. And, if I had to guess I would say Ford will continue the screwing no matter how many...
  15. 4 year wait for Bronco orders?

    Yep, and one would be me Brad. I was going to mention this, but I think you did a much better job than I would have. My problem is everytime I start to post something about it I use words that just isn't allowed in mixed company. :oops: :cool:
  16. Key west trip and brake light issue

    Sadly that won't work. The dealer is Fords end customer, and that seems to be all Ford cares about these days. I found that out with their changes in the Bronco '22 allocation formula. I do agree the person that's on the others side of the Ford Motor Company account here had nothing to do with...
  17. HB Ford has 6 First Editions on lot w/ $50k ADM

    F - u$# O - ur R - eservation D - eadbeats We'll kiss the big boys nuts, and let them sell their Broncos at any ADM they want. They are our end customers, not those those lowly reservation holders. Yeah, I'm a little pissed at Ford right now.........
  18. Comparison Test: 2021 Ford Bronco vs. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

    I wonder what these weenies consider "uncouth". My Jeep does drive different, but that's because of the SFA. I could call them a few other names, but I'll leave it where it is. Of course there is one thing that Stellantis can do that Ford just can't. That's build, and deliver you a new Jeep...
  19. 2.3 Shaping up to be the better Engine?

    OK Jake, now I'm impressed. I always thought you were quite smart, but that line with them thar big words removed all doubt. ;) :cool: