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  1. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    I dont think 500lbs of gear is going to have your front tires lifting off the road or anything... its mostly centered on the rear axle, so it shouldnt cause the front end to float at all. a trailer on the other hand can actually use the rear axle as a fulcrum, so thats different.
  2. OEM cargo mat scratching inside of tailgate

    I dont have a bronco yet... but I do have this mat. Love the tray mats. and the bronco on it was a nice touch or I might have gone with weathertech. Glad to hear it will fit well.
  3. Double honk gone!!!

    but it is quite possible. the car will continue to operate, drive, go into gear etc without a key present, you'll get a honk and you'll get a warning on the dash, but it wont prevent you from driving. Until you shut it off, and cant turn it back on.
  4. Broncos "Rake", level vs lift

    would be interesting to see a car on a relatively flat surface, and stick a digital level on the ground vs say... the belt line or roof rail. Not that I care about it being 0.0, just curious what the angle is.
  5. Double honk gone!!!

    common issue that 2 people drive somewhere. 1 exits the car, maybe dropped off at a store, and the other drives to a 2nd location. but the 1st person had the key in their pocket... 2nd person cant restart their car... when it happens, you'll be glad you got the honk.
  6. Going 35's on 7MT Big Bend. Will I lose 6th gear?

    perhaps theres a reason 2.3 + manual + sasquatch wasnt offered. but they will in 22. do we know if they are using a different gear ratio with it? 10% larger tire circumference. might be a bit lethargic at speed in 6th gear, but Im sure it wont be unusable.
  7. Are people really buying the $100K+ listed Broncos?

    Hell, a hummer ev isnt far off
  8. Are people really buying the $100K+ listed Broncos?

    Ill do $10 lower, call me
  9. License plate option

    and cops are ok with that? these sorts of things arent just as illegal as having no plate at all? or do you really manage to spot every cop before he spots you? if you park in public, do you always flip it down?
  10. License plate option

    yes... but why make it fold up like that? when would you fold it away out of sight?
  11. License plate option

    whats the point of this? is this "legal"? do you quickly press this when you see a cop? just at car meets? my state doesnt have a front plate, Im trying to figure out when you hide it vs reveal it
  12. Road & Track Review: The Ford Bronco Made Me Understand the Wrangler

    eh, I think fseries has pushed things a few times... aluminum body, a legitimate engine that wasnt a V8. The OG lightning, the raptor. maybe not as dramatic as the EV lightning, but in the world of pickup trucks... these were pretty huge swings.
  13. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    I do, but if they dont build it, they cant go back in time... they would just need to issue a new vin.
  14. sold my Bronco - Getting back in line

    if you order a 2.3L softtop, you might get built next week. if you want a 2.7 or hard top... you might be looking at a year or so. more restrictive on the hard top, 2.7 might just be a matter of months, I havent seen a solid source on how restrictive the engine is.
  15. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    Im still hoping for a 2 week delay to get a 22MY...
  16. Bronco Gear Hooks For Cargo Area Now Available! [Sinister CNC]

    any worries about it holding up in the summer? PETG has a reputation for weakening in a hot car, especially if subjected to a load.
  17. Bronco Gear Hooks For Cargo Area Now Available! [Sinister CNC]

    are these polycarbonate or ABS?
  18. I want my order to take longer

    mod top would push you to 23my. then convert it to whatever top you want before 23 kicks off.
  19. Local dealer has 2dr Badlands for $80K

    Ill have a real badlands, loaded up, in a few weeks. 100k and its yours. I can wait for a raptor with all the extra cash.
  20. Friday build woes. My Bronco delivered with unpainted tailgate and fuel door

    its amusing because blue paint IS actually in a shortage. though it appears to be more wall paint, not automotive paint, and clearly not the reason for this. but funny to me none-the-less