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  1. Let's help Ford with a better name!

    Mustonco 🤷‍♂️
  2. Aftermarket companies you hope to see?

    Bajakits, Camburg, Total Chaos...I have this dream of a legit pre-runner Bronco I guess.
  3. The "new" Zombie Crawler

    If 2020 were a Ford Bronco...
  4. Who's going the Hot Rod route?

    This is exact dilemma I've been wrestling with! The 2.7 can be a dang monster! My Bronco will probably never see a 1/4 mile drag strip but, having a tuned up 2 door 2.7 auto basesquatch and surprising ricers and diesel bros from stoplight to stoplight sounds enormously fun!
  5. Refusing “Mandatory” dealer add-ons?

    Born and raised in Huntersville. Huntersville Ford has always treated me reasonably well both with sales and service.
  6. Goin' Squatch. Don't need it. Want it.

    I'd like to light that squatching abomination on fire ?
  7. Poll: Bronco6G Pizza Stickers - VOTE Here

    Hell yes! Doug is brave! Doug is wise! All hail Doug!
  8. 2.3 EcoBoost Auto Transmission with Sasquatch Package?

    Nope, I like the look of the 2 door more and I just don't require 4 doors.
  9. 2.3 EcoBoost Auto Transmission with Sasquatch Package?

    The plan is a 2 door, 2.3, basesquatch.
  10. 2.3 EcoBoost Auto Transmission with Sasquatch Package?

    Yup, I've already planned for a tune from Livernois upon delivery.
  11. 2.3 EcoBoost Auto Transmission with Sasquatch Package?

    It'll run just fine. The 2.3 puts out about as much horsepower as Jeep's 3.6 (using Ranger numbers), but also puts out more torque than Jeep's Power plant. Tuning is yielding awesome results as well. Obviously the 2.7 will be better, but the 2.3 will be plenty to get down the road.
  12. Lift kit options?

    I'm really interested to see what companies like Bajakits, Camburg, Total Chaos etc do in regards to long travel prerunner kits and chase kits. I can see the Bronco being a complete monster in the desert!
  13. Sasquatch Package With Manual Transmission [Sign Petition For It!]

    "I say old chap, make a left at the forthcoming roundabout."
  14. Sasquatch Package With Manual Transmission [Sign Petition For It!]

    As an aside, y'all are killing me with the squatch wordsmithing! ? I'm not a manual buyer, too lazy these days, but this is the one genuine thing thats a bit disappointing. A chance for ford to say to enthusiasts "we see you, we got your back, row those gears bro!" and they've seemingly rruined it.
  15. 2021 Bronco on factory 2" inch lift kit + 37" tires. Doors and top removed

    Maybe we can get someone to add a sarcasm font?
  16. So whats everyones preliminary thoughts?

    For me and what I wanted personally, my only gripe (and its a small gripe) is the color choices. My original plan was OJ white but was hoping for Grabber Lime. Otherwise, every box has been ticked. Base 2-door, 2.3 auto, and Sasquatch is a solid foundation to start with. Im beyond excited.
  17. Official 2021 Ford Bronco Info Thread: Specs, Wallpapers, Photos, Videos, Colors, Trims

    Speechless....kinda.....gorgeous, innovative, sooooo customizable....grand slam if you ask me!

    It has only just begun!!!