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  1. Room underhood of 2.7L for dual batteries and/or an ARB compressor?

    I’m wondering what could be done in the cavity where the subwoofer goes in the B&O system. I’d bet one could fit a battery in there. I’d rather use that space for a sub, maybe JL Audio will make a stealth box to fit.
  2. Room underhood of 2.7L for dual batteries and/or an ARB compressor?

    I’m interested in adding a second battery to my Bronco when it arrives. I have an ARB 37 quart fridge waiting for install. I’m not sure if I’ll find the space to install a full size battery, so one of the smaller lithium or high end power sports batteries may be the answer...
  3. ARB Zero Series Fridge Freezers

    This is typical for the cargo area outlet to shut off. In my extensive use living out of a couple different ARB fridges, I can tell you they run best when wired directly to the battery. I rigged the fuse panel in my Subaru Outback and VW Touareg with an add a tap circuit to make the cargo area...
  4. New SVC Baja Bumper Update

    What is the weight of this bumper and skid plate compared to the Mod number and skid, please?
  5. Signature LED headlights light temperature (Kelvin K) ?

    I searched looking for the same answer. I’m looking at Baja Designs lights that are advertised at 5000K or Diode Dynamics at 6000K. I would prefer whichever matches the stock headlights better.
  6. I Really Like the 7MT

    My Badlands 7 speed is due at the dealership in the next week. Looking forward to it.
  7. Break in period really needed??

    My brother’s F-150 seemed to really open up after 10k miles.
  8. Break in period really needed??

    I try to avoid full throttle acceleration for the first thousand miles and I try to run the engine through most of the RPM range during the first 200. I‘ll manually downshift and run it up to 5000+ RPM then let it naturally decelerate back to a normal RPM a few times on each trip when it’s...
  9. 35s on Non-Sasquatch Badlands

    There is a substantial argument for KISS with less electronics to break long term. When I initially reserved I was just purchasing a 2020 Raptor for myself and the plan was for this Bronco to be my wife’s daily driver in Flagstaff, AZ. I wanted all the safety and convenience features for her...
  10. sold my Bronco - Getting back in line

    My Bronco is due in the next week or so. I could sell and reorder, but the money would have to be over $20K for me to give up the Badlands. The $49K offer for the base would get me.
  11. 35s on Non-Sasquatch Badlands

    Heated seats with a manual transmission, Badlands Mid or better is the only way to get it. I also like most of the other Mid package features. I went High because I wanted the 12” screen and 360 cameras.
  12. Factory Fog Light Switch

    Tasca cancelled my order. Maybe I’ll try the rear fog version.
  13. Looking for list of tools/sizes/etc that are common to the 6G? For my tool kit

    The Capri set I linked to is comprehensive for Torx, drilled torx, torx plus, and external torx. It’s a bigger set than I’d want in the truck all the time.
  14. 2-Door Manual 2.3 Review, Tire Upgrade and VB Stablemates

    If they “spin the reverse gear backwards” wouldn’t it have the same ratios for R and C? The ratio for C is significantly lower than reverse. Also, Getrag indicates in the spec sheet that there is a 7th gear option.
  15. Looking for list of tools/sizes/etc that are common to the 6G? For my tool kit

    The tool bag in my 87 Bronco was about 40 pounds and rivaled many people’s home tool sets. Pairing down to a more manageable size and weight is a good move. A metric 1/4” ratchet set will cover most of the things that can be fixed on a trail. I carry at least this Sunex set in all my cars. It...
  16. Lift affecting anyone's handling, ride, steering?

    I disagree that load rating isn’t a significant factor, but to each their own. As I stated in another tire thread, plenty of people will run E rated tires and be fine with them. My personal experience was poor. E rated BFG AT’s made my Titan ride terribly, I swapped back to the same tire in C...
  17. JcrOffroad’s bolt-on steel bumper parts! Hoops & more.

    I thought about that too and decided that the lower Baja style looked to have more triangulation because of the forward lean, so that’s what I ordered. The lower top tube would put less leverage against the mounting points.
  18. Factory Fog Light Switch

    I was thinking the backordered switch was the dual fog light version since they aren’t used in the US. We’ll find out soon enough.