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  1. Need a Hard Top, desperate

    Temp has already dipped a couple of times here in IL. I too have a soft top and a Jeep soft top owner recommended that I add moving blankets between the bimini and top. I purchased 2, folded to fit, and laid each one over half the opening. It has made a HUGE difference that even my wife noticed...
  2. Northern Illinois

    For anyone interested I have 4dr rocker panels($200) and the tailgate folding table($150) available.
  3. Powertrain for OBX with 2” + 35’s

    I have 35's with 3.73 gearing and have had zero problems so far. I opted for the spacers instead of the sas package but will say if you have the opportunity to get the sas, do it.
  4. MyTop Sema Bronco - powered soft top

    Just saw a video from SEMA, rep said these will be $3995 + installation costs and that they are now taking pre-orders.....I'm gonna keep my manual version. Not because I dont want the mechanical one, but because its really the only workout Im getting right now.
  5. Diode Dynamics Bronco Build at SEMA 2021

    So far this is my favorite
  6. Motor Trend says Bronco has "poor build quality". Fact or Bias?

    While I certainly can understand your concern, I've had mine since 7/31 and experienced none of these issues.
  7. Lift affecting anyone's handling, ride, steering?

    I have a 2in lift on 35in Nitto Ridge Grapplers. I've noticed a bit of a difference, not much, and certainly not anything to make me rethink my decision. But prior to the lift/larger tires, my Bronco road like a middle to lower high end car. I guess it boils down to your expectations and what...
  8. MIC 2.0 Top blew off (forgot to latch)! Pics of damage and material / construction

    Yeah I know that, I meant why comment on this post with such obvious MIC hatred.
  9. MIC 2.0 Top blew off (forgot to latch)! Pics of damage and material / construction

    Wow! With that attitude I fail to understand why you're here:oops:
  10. Illinois WTT - grey Badlands grille for black FE/Wildtrak

    Yep a 4dr.....I think theyre $595 new so I could do $400
  11. Illinois WTT - grey Badlands grille for black FE/Wildtrak

    Im in western suburbs. Cant help you with the grille (maybe post in chicagoland broncos or illinois broncos on FB). But as far as tube steps, I have some new steps coming, should arrive in couple weeks and I'll have tube steps available.
  12. Hard top vs soft top noise

    I love my soft top (first one Ive ever owned) and the amount of noise seems tolerable to me. I do agree with OP and the semi's. They sound like they're in the car with me but all other noise is minimal. I still plan to get a hardtop but not the Mic, I'd prefer a complete one piece so as to avoid...
  13. Best ON-ROAD Ride Quality? Outer Banks or Wildtrak?

    Before I added these 35in Nitto Ridge Grapplers, my OBX road like a middle to lower high end car. Now there definitely is a difference, which doesnt bother me bcuz its what I wanted but Im also not making cross country trips in it. I have the lux package which also helps. Just depends on what...
  14. Upgrading non-Squatch Bronco to 35's - Issues with Spare Tire and Brake light, Camera

    It was like $25 from Rough Country. I've seen some others being made that are higher in cost.
  15. New Jersey Trade my Badlands grille for an OBX grille

    Pic of what Badlands grille looks like?
  16. Upgrading non-Squatch Bronco to 35's - Issues with Spare Tire and Brake light, Camera

    I added 35's and altho I probably didnt need it, I also added the break light extension. No issues at all with the camera.
  17. Another Road Trip in 'Mid Life Crisis'

    I've done more driving since 7/31 when I picked up my Bronco, than I had all of the previous year. It is so fun to drive
  18. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Yeah Daniel and 110 Customs do excellent work on all kinds of vehicles. They came highly recommended because they do everything. They're adding a couple things for me in the next couple weeks, then after the new year I'll have them upgrade the sound system just a bit.
  19. Mismatch on tailgate trim???

    I bought one on ebay.
  20. Should I Sell My 74 Now That I Have My New Bronco?

    I would not sell it. I've always wanted a Bronco and a Scout. Now that I have the G6, I'm setting my sights on finding a Scout in the next yr.