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  1. Cactus Grey Bronco Sport Outer Banks at Mac Haik Ford in Houston, TX ??

    The interior on the Bronco Sport is so much better than the Bronco. I need to swing by Mac Haik to see the cactus grey in person!
  2. Fitting Through Garage Doors

    I fit a Raptor on 37’s with Deaver +3 (1” more lift than factory) in my garage. It’s tight, but I fit no problem. On either side of the garage or right under the garage chain. Maybe an inch of clearance at the lowest, but fits with zero issues. This is a standard newer garage door. Older garages...
  3. 12” Screen - Sync 4 Demo and 360 camera footage (on F-150)

    I’d be ok with it if they did it right. They put the speedometer as the analog. For a manual transmission an analog tach would be way more useful than the speedo. Also, the tach should always be on the right side, so they would have to flip the orientation too.
  4. Why buy now and settle instead of waiting??

    Well aware people here won’t pay ADM, but B6G members are not the general public. When you roll up to baseball practice and little Timmys dad sees you have a bronco, he’s going to want one and he’ll spend his annual bonus and tax refund money to get one, ADM or not.
  5. Why buy now and settle instead of waiting??

    I’m just going off what we currently have, the Raptor. They hold value extremely well. F150’s? Not so much.
  6. Why buy now and settle instead of waiting??

    The absolute second the Bronco Raptor Warthog Tasmanian Devil hits the lots is the same second ADM on a regular Bronco will no longer be tolerated. The following second, the value of every Bronco out will drop.
  7. Perspective Pic Shows How Wide Bronco Warthog Track Width Is – Approximately 83.3″ Inches!

    I don’t disagree - it needs wider fenders to look better. I never said you couldn’t get the same look. You said it wouldn’t be hugely noticeable. That is objectively false based on the pics above. Edit: it’s also not just the looks. The warthog will be wider due to increased travel. So while...
  8. Perspective Pic Shows How Wide Bronco Warthog Track Width Is – Approximately 83.3″ Inches!

    3” on each side is hugely noticeable. You have to not be paying attention to miss it. For reference - same wheels and fenders in these pics: Stock width raptor (aftermarket wheels): Same Raptor with +3 Mid Travel suspension from SVC:
  9. Bronco Rollovers - Sports Bar or Roll Cage

    A roll cage in a daily driver vehicle is an awful idea if you aren’t wearing a helmet all the time. Not saying I wouldn’t do it, but I wouldn’t let my daughter or wife in without one for sure. The boron frame will be more than fine. Apples to oranges, but when I rolled my raptor it was about...
  10. Who will you allow to drive your new Bronco

    I have insurance. So basically anybody I know. I’ve had one vehicle totaled out - what’s one more?
  11. Go BIG (38" tires) or go home cost?

    Raptor owners get a bad rap for thinking their truck is an off-the-lot trophy truck. I imagine bronco owners will be getting a bad rap for thinking they have an ultra-4 rig.
  12. Go BIG (38" tires) or go home cost?

    37’s on a Gen 1 Raptor, with fiberglass and paint, is under $10K max. Even if you go with aftermarket 3.0 shocks, it was barely $9,500 if you shopped it right. That included hammering/cutting the pinch welds, installing 3.0 shocks, new fiberglass fenders, paint, new wheels, new tires, and...
  13. What stickers are you planning on? [NO POLITICS]

    Brotherhood of Brawlers. No idea, it was just the best picture I found for the “Go Fast Don’t Die” sticker.
  14. What stickers are you planning on? [NO POLITICS]

    and one of their “Safety Second” stickers most likely. Not sure where just yet.
  15. Bronco vs Raptor F-150 sand drag race + Cactus Gray Badlands Sasquatch walkaround

    Me leaving Area 51 and headed back to the Cactus Gray Gang
  16. Hennessey VELOCIRAPTOR Supercharged V8 Swapped Bronco announced

    Anybody remember how the Raptor name was absolute trash when it came out? Or the super cringy photos Raptor guys did when Jurassic World came out and Chris Pratt did the Raptor thing? Anybody remember the Terminator for 03/04 Cobras that then got nicknamed “Termi”? Just me? Point being, doesn‘t...
  17. 3.73, 4.27 & 4.46 ratio on-road?

    Other than it being a brick and you’ll feel every cross-breeze at 90mph, no. The gears won’t be an issue.
  18. Connected vs. Connected Built-In Navigation

    How I am understanding it is the connected nav is not baked into the SYNC 4. SYNC 3 has two versions, one with nav and one without. The one without can still have navigation but it’s done through Apple CarPlay or android auto. If you have no phone, you have no nav and if you lose signal, you...
  19. Let's help Ford help us.

    I understand why they’re doing it. I just wish they would give me the option to screw it up lol
  20. No way I’m getting a 2021.............Right?

    Here’s the thread on it. Came straight from Ford.