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  1. Installed Aeroskin II Black textured Hood Deflector

    I think theres more difference. look at the bump on the trailing edge. vs
  2. Installed Aeroskin II Black textured Hood Deflector

    that doesnt look like the same one. His picture shows that its raised at the back and that one you linked is smooth. I wonder how much difference it makes?
  3. Happy medium? 275/70/r18 on OBX

    Looks great. I was considering the exact same tire size, and either the Falken or Nitto, for my OBX if I am ever able to get it lol
  4. Had to jump down my dealer throat!!

    It's 2 Broncos and 49 Bronco Sports
  5. Had to jump down my dealer throat!!

    Wait, Elder Ford is closed on Tuesdays??
  6. The Panda Power Module is HERE! The First 2.3L Tuning Solution by Panda Motorworks!

    title only mentions 2.3L but store page has an option for 2.7L as well? You should add that to the post title
  7. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    nope, do not like that bronze there. no sir!
  8. New Guy Order Process Request

    Maybe I'll try that next. I called Ford customer support earlier and they werent any help at all.
  9. New Guy Order Process Request

    Several people have posted here that they got order confirmation emails from Ford. I'm in the same boat as you though. My dealer supposedly submitted the order over a week ago but I havent gotten an email from Ford and my Reservations & Orders page on is still showing my reservation...
  10. Go-Fund-Me

    you forgot your PPF wrap
  11. Aftermarket grab handles ( Bartact))

    and that doesnt effect the air bags at all? Added to the list!
  12. Cyber Orange getting Stealth PPF

    love it. I think it looks great
  13. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Eruption Green Outer Banks with Roast/Black Onyx seats
  14. Opinions wanted between these two wheels - Vision vs Method

    probably the Methods. The way the Venom wheels have the small bump out for their branding bothers me
  15. Where have/would you relocate trim stickers to?

    I plan on relocating one to the lower right corner of the rear window. This of course depends on me not destroying it while taking it off.
  16. Orange Wrap. 3.5" Rough Country Lift. 37" Toyo Tires. 17" Black Rhino Wheels. 🖤🙏🏽🧡

    not crazy about the wheels but I LOVE that color you got it wrapped in. Looks amazing
  17. Flashlight Mounted & Installed on Driver's Seat

    I totally agree. I always have an Olight on me and another one in the glove box but I still think that maglite placement is great and might add it to the list.
  18. 📒 Latest 2022 Bronco Order Guide Released (Updated Monthly) + Price List

    I think the current information is that you CAN place a new order but you can NOT choose the 2.7L engine unless you had a reservation or existing order.