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  1. 📝 My Letter to the Ford Executive Team: Safety, Manf. & Quality [and Ford Executive's Follow-Up Response Call]

    Great job OP. Also, good on ford to not be arrogant and listen to the end users. That’s a plus
  2. Jumping Ship? - What's Your Plan B Vehicle Purchase?

    Yeah this debacle has made me consider a 6th gen 4runner as well.
  3. Is a 2022 Brittany Blue Bronco coming?

    I want this. A Brittany blue with a little more life but not as powerful as velocity blue
  4. Battleship Grey Stripes on White

    You need a mandarin orange colour
  5. Battleship Grey Stripes on White

    I think there are posts with both. I prefer the white stripe on cactus. Someone did an orange that looked good. But you can’t go wrong either way.
  6. Battleship Grey Stripes on White

    Very nice. I would like to see someone do this with a real orange stripe. Looks good with the grey too.
  7. Base Model Bronco Thread

    Love it! Love it! Love it!
  8. First Edition Bronco Thread

    I would also complain about that top. You buyers have spent a lot of money for the top of the line bronco. It should be perfect, and while not realistic based on all we are hearing, they should make it right.
  9. Bronco Team 2 door.

    The reds really work for the bronco. Especially when they get their shizz together and make a black roof. A shame that rapid red is gone.
  10. PHEV plug-in hybrid Bronco testing?

    I would be interested in this
  11. Bestop Trektop Soft Top now available

    Same, way better!
  12. Bestop Trektop Soft Top now available

    I agree totally. The four door straight back always bothered me, whereas it’s okay on the two door, this looks dope.
  13. Finally took delivery and I love it.

    Was there a notable difference on feel? Regardless of whether the 2.3 felt slow? Also, nicely done, agree with other poster that carb grey looks nice with Sasquatch.
  14. First Edition - How many will be built?

    There won’t be more than 7,000. That’s pretty rare. Regardless, not sure Ford will share final numbers.
  15. Base - base - getting dirty.

    Such a fan of rapid red and race red. A shame they got rid of rapid red. An elegant colour. Nice job on the bronco script. Looks nice there. The more I see it the more I dig it.
  16. Anyone get their $1000 Customer Satisfaction Funds?

    That seems very democratic, and a yeti cooler is a dope item. Hard case or soft cooler though?