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  1. Defective Easy Fill Mechanism For Bronco

    So you're going to add a cap to your fuel line because... it's too difficult to not have a cap to remove? Sure, whatever, it's your time and money. While you're at it may I suggest removing your wipers? Just another thing to break, am I right? Wiping by hand is the only pure way to do it.
  2. Defective Easy Fill Mechanism For Bronco

    Haha.. Why? It's a great little feature. No more gas cap to worry about. Just stick the nozzle in and pump. Never had any problems with it on my multiple Fords.
  3. Dirt mountain is about to become mud mountain

    Detroit is downwind of the Yellowstone supervolcano. Ford better hurry up and ship those Broncos before that thing explodes! I would not be happy to take delivery of a brand new Bronco covered in volcanic ash! Are you taking this seriously, Ford????
  4. Anyone get a golden ticket email today?

    Yes! Wait... were you not talking about amusement park industry awards?
  5. Ford's Bronco Customer Satisfaction Funds Plan Will Help Dealers Manage Order Waits

    The Detroit Free Press found a dealer with a unique idea. Jeff King, vice president and general manager at Bozard Ford Lincoln in St. Augustine, Florida, told the Free Press that he plans...
  6. Cost of Production continue to Rise. Automakers will be forced to Respond.

    Yep. Every industry is impacted.
  7. Dealer Listings/Who can find the highest ADM/Used price

    What do you want to bet the reserve is $124,999.99?
  8. Pro Tip: Want a 2021 Bronco? Cold-Call Dealers.

    Correct. Ford isn't building a different Bronco for California. That restriction would probably only apply to people importing exotics. Anything new intended for sale in the US is going to be 50-state emission.
  9. NO Compensation for wait.

    Everyone is in the same situation. That is why Ford is giving this to everyone. You are not special.
  10. Brand new bronco overheated today [Updated 8/19]

    I'm glad you got it fixed. I'm also glad I could be the cause of the epic BBQ derail.
  11. 1st Month In - Minor Issues- Comments

    Agreed. I would like to read and discuss the impressions of owners who got their Bronco. It's very annoying that every thread is being hijacked by other posters upset their Bronco was delayed. There are plenty of other threads to discuss those issues.
  12. Cannot get any worse, arrived at dealer muddy, damaged, 40 miles on odometer, dealership showroom fire

    40 miles minus any miles put on at the factory doesn't seem like enough for the dealer to let a customer test drive off road. Like even if there was an off road site right next to the dealer that's not a lot of driving.
  13. Went to dealer to complain about Dirt Mountain, came home with their mannequin

    My guess (having last worked at a bank 10 years ago) is that you might not have much choice with the loans. If the checks are not cashed and the insurance is never provided they will probably cancel the loans and you will need to start over. I hope you will be able to find a good rate again...
  14. Went to dealer to complain about Dirt Mountain, came home with their mannequin

    It's not just that. It's also this:
  15. Went to dealer to complain about Dirt Mountain, came home with their mannequin

    I'm sorry can you explain this? Did you take out a loan on a car you don't have a title and/or even have physical possession of? Did the credit union know that you don't have (and might never have) the collateral for the loan? And if so why did you do this? What if the car was not delayed but...
  16. 🏄‍♂️ BRONCO RIPTIDE concept build features prototype front steel bumper, Bimini top, tube doors, bike rack, crossbars, RIGID lights

    I really like the dune buggy look of a 4d with the roof and doors off. Too bad I don't live near Silver Lake dunes anymore.
  17. Brand new bronco overheated today [Updated 8/19]

    Please do not put goats in your engine. They are highly flammable.
  18. The issue no one is talking about. Or is it?

    I just picked up an F-150 that was built In March and sitting waiting for chips until it was finally sent to the dealer a few weeks ago. It's in great condition, everything works, and it even has the new car smell. I wouldn't worry about the Broncos sitting outside.
  19. Bronco Daily Build Rates at MAP for the Week of 8/2

    Too bad they haven't built any 2 door Broncos. ;)