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  1. 🛠 11/8/21 Build Week Group

    Looks great w/o the F.E. sticker pkg.
  2. 🛠 11/8/21 Build Week Group

    Modules popped on 11/12 but pizza tracker still says production. Insult to injury, went from first week of December estimated delivery to a mid Dec. Killing me. Curious, are the delivery dates an automated algorithm based on in production status and region of delivery. i.e, is it actually...
  3. 🛠 11/8/21 Build Week Group

    Any 11/10 builds get an assembly line pic?
  4. MIC 2.0 Top on "Dirt Mountain" Broncos Spotted @ MAP

    Top Color : Fender Color looks match match
  5. Bronco Hybrid Waiting List

    Good on you Timuh60. Not sure why the sarcasm and hate. Lists exist. Congrats for doing the leg work and getting in early on what will be super cool car.
  6. Ford will start shipping new MIC hardtops, Broncos this week! 🚛

    THIS! For a soft top order, switching back to a hard top, do we at this point get built pretty much in the same time frame or is there still a significant soft top timing advantage??
  7. First Edition Broncos w/ MIC hard tops start to schedule again with mid-October production estimate

    Thought for sure today would be the day. Frik'n rediculous. At this point I may get the one 2022 F.E.
  8. All unscheduled Wildtrak and Badlands will be MY 2022 according to Ford customer service

    Here's the real question, do you revert back to hardtop at this point after changing to a soft in order to avoid top constraint....hmmm.
  9. 🏄‍♂️ BRONCO RIPTIDE concept build features prototype front steel bumper, Bimini top, tube doors, bike rack, crossbars, RIGID lights

    The beadlocks look awesome. Is there an aftermarket ring that achieves that look but not "bead lock'n" as don't need the hassle for around town'n and mountain bike'n. I suppose the ring looks better as it's larger. And shiny.
  10. (Edited with adds) I am suddenly excited about the MY22 B&P release

    Special Editions. Wonder what those may be. As pointed out, probably not heritage unless maybe a white or tan soft top. Curious.
  11. 📣 Ford announces MIC hardtop solution (program 21B49): unscheduled orders will get MY2022, delivered & built Broncos will have tops replaced

    Can't thank you enough for being the town crier! Question, as a F.E. nonscheduled but presumably will be built '21, what about our tops? If a new top is eminent, will ours also be replaced post delivery when a new and improved version becomes available? It's a little murky as seemingly they're...
  12. Broncos stored as far as one can see @ Wayne, MI 🔭

    Hmmm, maybe everyone's bronco, even those never scheduled, are sitting right there.
  13. Bronco production update 8/9: Commodity issues far beyond MIC tops. Chip shortage reaches Bronco supply chain (NO COVID TALK)

    Talk about kicking a hornets nest! I imagine a couple folks will be disappointed if their '21 holding pen broncs get delivered in '22 with later order folks taking delivery of the '22s at the same time. Oof. Bold prediction, a '22 bronco will be identical to a '21, if for no other reason than...
  14. First Edition Bronco Thread

    The new Me Too movement is us vin-less bronco brothers.
  15. How many of us are first hour reservations still without a VIN?

    FE. Crickets. And unhappy. No VIN this late in the game makes me think it wouldn't get built until November. A 2021 Last Edition delivered in Jan of '22 is absolutely sucktastic.
  16. First Edition 2-door build

    As a Raptor owner, generally dislike Fugazi raptor grills and lights, but, this application, just perfect! Well done!
  17. Norfolk Southern Train Derailment (Broncos Possibly Affected)

    Similar threads below box "anyone planning to run a train horn to one of their AUX switches?".
  18. First Edition ordered and still no build date.

    Happy to see folks get theirs delivered, but disappointed not to see any updates in regards to mine. Poor communication from both FORD and Dealers, and maybe even FORD to Dealers. Even stranger, FORD sends some folks mail (that poster thingy) and not others. Weird. Beating a dead horse, if you...
  19. First Edition ordered and still no build date.

    Crickets. No vin. No schedule. No love. Does this now mean a Sept/Oct build at the earliest?