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  1. No manual with mid-package

    Probably easier than removing and disassembling the seats......
  2. No manual with mid-package

    Sorry for the delayed response. In order to make non-heated seats, uh heated, you'll have to remove the seats and perform some disassembly, which is a challenge, but not rocket science. Did you locate any seat heater kits yet?
  3. Colorado maiden voyage for a Black Diamond Bronco

    I’m keeping my Fiesta ST. Wife’s Fusion Sport however....
  4. Warn Bronco Elite front Bumpers!

    Yeah, bad for mall crawling....
  5. Front seats recline??

    That’s the sexy-fun seat position.
  6. Manual & 2.3 Ecoboost

    Exactly. Probably hear it with an intake alone.
  7. Ford Evos

    Call me a late adopter for any EV.
  8. 4 door Badlands with leather and electric seats

    I’ve never heard of “riser blocks” and would have concerns over seat fastener failure in a collision.
  9. 🎥 2021 Bronco Badlands Off-Road Test [Can It Wheel? By Lite Brite]

    No, I know she’s high energy and makes great content.
  10. Muscle Car Owners Poll

    This does count, but the latest M cars have a mug only a mother could love. My E46 M3 was a great car, but my 350R is even better.
  11. Muscle Car Owners Poll

    Not trading the 350R, but am trading my wife’s Fusion Sport for the Bronco. The basket case Vette in the background is an expensive project too.