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  1. Why is Dealer Allocation even a thing?

    General question. Why is Dealer Allocation even a thing? If a hundred thousand people walked in over the next month and ordered a thousand Ford vehicles Ford would build them without regard to the dealer that they were purchased at, right? So why are Bronco orders being handled differently?
  2. Bronco November 2021 Sales & Production Numbers: 8,287 Sold / 10,504 Produced

    They do not count as sold until you take possession .
  3. Mobile Ham Radio (FTM-400XDR) Install - DIY How-To / Writeup / Pics

    Wondering why you did not bury the radio somewhere since the controls seem to be on the head unit.
  4. 2022 Bronco Pricing Spreadsheet w/ Accessories

    Can you make a change for OBX that the bash plates are included, but the modular bumper price is higher. Bumper $825 with bash plates included.
  5. Options MY 22

    What's up with the options? No Yakima show. looks like only Ford items.
  6. Even a noob can wire something - installed 5" inch KC lights

    XM antenna is on the roll cage at the rear.
  7. Ford will start shipping new MIC hardtops, Broncos this week! 🚛

    Would like to know what change was made.
  8. nearly 20k mark up ON BASE at local dealer (link included)

    My decked out OBX is less than that.
  9. Solutions for no cup holders in 4-door backseat

    Had one of these in my Bronco II.
  10. RIGID x FORD 4" pod lights full install *** DIY VIDEO ***

    Would these work on the front bumper?
  11. Hammock swag gift thread

    Received my second consolation prize yesterday.
  12. 2021 Bronco Dealers: No-ADM, X-Plans & Special Discounts Master List

    Isn't this why you needed to order by March 19 2021? I know I made sure to order before that window for the "Price Protection" I sent an email to my dealers Bronco rep asking again if my understanding of our agreement was correct, msrp + tax + title +License + doc with no adm. their answer...
  13. Display at dealer

    Stopped at a local Ford dealer yester day to see the Badlands that was on the lot. I walked up and spoke to a salesman. He clearly did not want to talk, but he said to me "It's a hardtop" as I looked at what clearly was a soft top four door. He then left. The truck was open, so I sat in it...
  14. Dealer not selling me my Bronco

    Seems to me that until the final paperwork is signed in the Finance office at the dealership you do not own that Bronco. So you may well be out of luck. Read all the fine print, I would guess as long as they give you back any refundable deposit that they are not in the wrong. Check with your...
  15. Could Ford offer factory pick up?

    If Ford offered factory pick up would you take it?
  16. Test Drive Causing Me to Re-evaluate

    I went out to San Tan. MSRP, but the taxes are about 2% less.
  17. Test Drive Causing Me to Re-evaluate

    Which dealer did you use?
  18. Received this from The Bronco Team -- Bronco concept art poster and a sticker

    Being a BOOMER I missed the fact that it was a "Participation Trophy" thanks for reminding me of the need that everyone is a winner!
  19. First Body Color Painted Grill I've Seen (Rapid Red Bronco)

    I prefer either black or white. This is red overload. Nice truck though.
  20. Received this from The Bronco Team -- Bronco concept art poster and a sticker

    I thought the sticker should have been clear. That would look good on a sindow.