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  1. Base System Subwoofer Install

    I just unplugged the kickpanel speaker harness and tapped into the + and - and plugged it back in. Nothing special or difficult. I used this schematic for reference.
  2. rear 12 volt port timout

    It’s around 30 min. I have a fridge running off of it, and I can open the tailgate and well tailgate:) I’ve never timed it, but it’s around that I would say.
  3. Scheduling 1500 Mile Oil Change Today, Dealer Said Let It Ride Til 7500 Miles

    I asked my dealer when I picked it up after delivery and they said the same… 7500 miles. Currently my pass app says 42% life left, but that would be over 7500 miles. I just drove 2500 miles for Thanksgiving visiting family so I’m scheduling mine for next week.
  4. Base System Subwoofer Install

    Okay, just ran a few test wires to the front kick speakers and confirmed, the rear speakers have filters. The sub hits like it should now. Night and day difference so if you use high level inputs, that’s where you need to tap into for your input as in the front kicks, not the rear 4” pods. I...
  5. Base System Subwoofer Install

    There are 2 questions in this post that I’m about to dig into this morning to solve for my own setup. 1. Do the rear speakers in the pods have filters on them as in limiting the sub output for the high level amp input (mine is currently wired this way in my Bronco and feel the sub is not...
  6. Baja Designs A-Pillar Light Kit Giveaway!

    Winner winner chicken dinner😎
  7. Pics of Maxlider 4” Lift Kit Stage 1 on First Edition Bronco

    Thanks for the heads up. I just checked. I’m good. That would of sucked. It’s being installed in the morning.
  8. More Bronco Swag Incoming from Ten10 Design

    I got the posters, no hammock, but do have this 1lb. pre-shipment package in my FedEx account. I just figured I wasn’t getting anything but the poster since I received my Bronco July 9th.
  9. Pics of Maxlider 4” Lift Kit Stage 1 on First Edition Bronco

    I bought this same kit. Scheduled for install next Monday!
  10. Florida 4 dr rock rails for sale

    Replacing my rails for steps. Make me a reasonable offer. No scratches. Mint condition.
  11. Wireless charging pad DIY install hack

    I just installed this in the factory spot. Just removed the blank cover… works great!
  12. Mounting a SUP Board on a soft top Wildtrak?

    I just use pool noodles on the front and back with one strap till something better is released.
  13. @NotOJsBronco Build Journal (with Photos) 🔧

    I let Rough Country know about it not fitting BD with Modular. I bought the first day they released and thought I might be able to make it work, but it would not. I’m glad they updated the description. They told me they only got their hands on the Bronco pictured on their site to test fit. I did...
  14. Where to get Tube Doors ?

    I look daily. No one has any (aftermarket or factory) available yet as far as I can tell.
  15. Ditch your Fridge Magnets - Adhesive backed Heritage Bronco Fender Badges by BroncoDepotUSA

    Got mine today... Perfect! Now I need to change the rest to matte black… Thank you!
  16. Where are the aftermarket parts?

    Totally get that… more for the look for me, and to let the wife and dog think they are safe😉