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  1. Any week 1 reservation holders still holding the bag?

    7/18 res blue diamond. Vb with sas still waiting waving my flag. Watching only 3 or 4 local retails come thru my dealership. But I did check out the fleet before they went to Moab. 😜
  2. Bronco Arrival~> Bronco Road Trip~> Bronco to Moab🗺📍🤠🏜

    Awesome pics Ash, still waiting on mine. Pushed to a 22. But 1.5 hours from moab. I can't wait to hit the trails !
  3. RTR Fun-Haver Widebody Bronco Build at SEMA 2021

    Um pass they are shaped like gm fenders. GM THINKS WHEELS ARE SQUARE FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS.
  4. MY21 reservations moved to MY22. Did you change your build?

    Went from a carbonized grey base with sas to a black diamond for the mgv and mid package. Velocity blue 4 door sas, 2.7 and auto . Doable price and the wife will be happier with her zoned a/c.
  5. 📊 2022 Bronco Allocations Formula Per Dealer

    Wtf build the first year of orders or play with your batteries !!!
  6. Panda Motorworks Ford Bronco BPV Delete Kit

    I vented my to atmosphere on my 2017 2.7 and stuck an old duck call in the tube. It was good for 30 minutes till it blew the duck call somewhere on the side of the road in Phoenix. It was fun for the afternoon and then put it back to stock and haven't looked back . Have fun !!!
  7. Reservations and special editions

    Ghost rider edition , so rare not one get produced. Forgive the sarcastic tone still bitter. It took 6 months to decide my build then the shit show. Now I get to start all over.
  8. Beadlock Rings Powdercoated Race Red

    I'd do mine black to go with the carbonized grey I have ordered , but as soon as I do I'll ding them in moab first run with my luck!
  9. [BEER BATCH] - *Badges, Get your Badges* Bronco Top Woes Pick-Me-Ups

    Thanks I used the left for dead one on my Facebook profile picture !!!
  10. Painful (but responsible) solution to MIC issue decided. Announcement imminent.

    I did not switch to the soft top option because of the weather here in Colorado and using it as a daily driver / weekend wheeler. The soft top looks like an ass hat with the creased side windows. I'll wait for the solution. Probably a new mic top supplier to get up to speed. First year issues...
  11. Finally seen my bronco.

    I would not be able to sleep. Congrats!!!
  12. The Sky is Falling: Mysterious Pineapple Pizza Delivery!

    Lucky dogs 🙂🙂🙂🙂
  13. Squashed

    Colorado Bronco Club

    No customer orders delivered by my local dealer yet , just the Moab units for the rodeo.
  14. First Trail Turn Assist attempt.

    Shelby Hall is smiling at that!!!!
  15. Squashed

    Colorado Bronco Club

    I wouldn't be concerned . The stick will be more responsive but the ten speed is no a slouch. The concern is the final gearing and tire size will have more of an effect in responsiveness. At altitude both engines the turbos counter the effect of the altitude.
  16. [Updated 7/20] Early Delivered Bronco MIC Top Developing Honeycomb / Snakeskin Pattern

    I don't want a soft top !!!. But looks like it's the only way to get a 21. I'm a lil upset at this point. This should have dealt with before the promises not during deliveries.
  17. Moab Off-Roadeo Broncos Begin Arriving

    I was in the dealership Saturday morning and was crawling under the one in the lobby checking out skid plate locations . Still no build date for my base 😜