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  1. Different ways to store doors in garage?

    2 problems 1) one bump and you nicked your paint on the wall but thats easily solvable with padding. 2) there is no way im trusting that to not fall inward. You need that 90 degree arm with the yellow cap to come up about 2 feet in case it tips back for any reason. Might be able to solve by...
  2. Different ways to store doors in garage?

    So my idea is to build an 'L' bracket out of PVC similar to that rolling one above. Have it come off the wall a few mm wider than the door and turn up at 90 degrees at least 3/4 as tall as the door. Two of those should hold one door on the wall without issue. Imagine yourself holding log in...
  3. December Update - Granger Ford

    December is the first month for MY22. So those 11 builds are December builds and the next 20 are for January. I'm 156 on their list. That puts me realistically at an early Fall build. My dad's 70th is this November. All I want to do for him is take him on a cross country camping trip in MY...
  4. Factory Trailer Brake Controller installation feedback

    It sounds like you put it behind the glove box but the Bronco's prewired connector plug under the dash that connects to the controller box is on the driver's side. I didn't see here yet, but where did you mount the actual controller box and where would you recommend someone else install it if...
  5. Any week 1 reservation holders still holding the bag?

    7/14 rez. 2DR BL 2.7 Auto Mid Tow Still waiting
  6. Mach 1 Bronco is done!

  7. Towing Yamaha SX195 with 2.3L Black Diamond Bronco

    long wheelbase of the 4 door is certainly going to help here. I'm curious how the 2 doors handle towing this same load.
  8. Ford Marketing has responded. will not confirm Explorer 10 spd. nor Explorer 2.3Lnor deny!

    I think what's most important is that you have 2.5 hrs open in your life to sit on hold. Forget the transmission type... how do I get that.
  9. Are We Missing a Cold Weather Specific Bronco Trim?

    I think they need to build a dependable hard top first. Without it, you're gonna be cold.
  10. For those that have received your Broncos - Did you receive Rewards Points or $ for early reservation holders.

    Something I didn't see addressed here... When should the points hit your account? Is this only if your Bronco is 'in production', 'on route', or 'you've taken delivery'? I've had a day one reservation, and am pushed to a 2023 build because of mod top and have exactly zero points. So, I'm...
  11. A car mechanic's review of a Wildtrak Bronco

    I latched onto that too. My Location: Chicago 😐
  12. Baja Forged | ADVfiberglass fender flares Bronco Build at SEMA 2021

    They did a lot of work to make them look integrated with the fender. Kudos there. I'm less fancy and just want a flat top replacement of the current rounded fenders (like in my avatar). How no one has made these yet is beyond me.
  13. Toyo Tires Bronco Build(s) at SEMA 2021

    Who is this JP Bronco person and where can we find his/her page, Instagram, phone number, serial number.. need more info on this build please.
  14. Baja Forged | ADVfiberglass fender flares Bronco Build at SEMA 2021

    Love these fenders. Might want to add these to the front page: They look expensive and after finding them, I'd say they certainly aren't cheap but not out of consideration:
  15. Toyo Tires Bronco Build(s) at SEMA 2021

    Anything is possible.