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  1. Bronco Longboard Concept – 2DR LWB Imagined

    this is what I always assumed it would be and was hoping for
  2. Ford Performance Debuts Bronco 4600 Race Trucks

    One positive takeaway is that they are now gonna run "stock" isn't that better odds than the class they did at Baja 1000?
  3. Ford: Launch Quality Has Improved. Re-Confirms Bronco Delay Due to Single Supplier

    It seems so ironic that you can say Ford did perfectly and blame it all on one supplier, when the whole point of supply chain management is having redundant suppliers to avoid this.... throwing them under the bus does nothing
  4. 2.7l and 10 speed reliabilty, turbos shot at 40k

    I had my 2 turbo's go out at 60k on my 2015. They showed me pics and there was soot and leaking all over them and everything else. Was definitely not cheap, total cost was around $8k. Dealer had no clue how it happened, but assured my it'd never happen again with the new ones with a wink and a...
  5. Deposit returned????

    If you switched dealers, the original $100 is always returned sometimes with a delay
  6. Concept Ford Bronco 2 Door Renders

    I would do this for sure. There's been a post or 2 with these images already but I still like seeing it again and again
  7. What's Ford's logic regarding "Advanced 4x4" availability?

    Sorry but I think soccer mom's have money to burn compared to the average Joe
  8. Reservation Count 500,000 ???

    And then kept both anyways because dealer switching was still unclear. And for leverage against shady dealers.
  9. Bronco Amazon Store new

    At no point ?
  10. Can you get front seats without the molle straps?

    I was being goofy about paper maps
  11. Can you get front seats without the molle straps?

    If you stop paying the fee they will disappeared. Still watching mine for when it happens. I read that on the internet
  12. Can you get front seats without the molle straps?

    I like the Molle but I'll tell you what. As much as I'd love to organize everything into dedicated individual tactical pouches on it, I'm not going to. Perfect target for thieves to break in. Mmm Tactical pouches for sentients I might do a single large Molle bag or container on each seat back...
  13. International Off-Road Expo: Bronco Photos and Q&A Answers (UPDATED)

    Agree, pretty haphazard. Guessing they just withheld the real purpose of the B&P as long as they could because the future was so uncertain. They probably didn't even know themselves whether it would be the real deal or not while making it go live on the site. Then covid started getting worse, so...
  14. BD with MGV and carpet behind rear seats??

    Snap on over carpet would be even worse than carpet seems like moisture heaven
  15. Rugged Mountain Man vs Sophisticated CEO?

    To be honest I see it flipped. Sophisticated city slicker is the blue. The gray means badass tactical dude who shoots guns
  16. Bronco Sport already discounted

    Or cuz everyone is switching to the real bronco after seeing it ?
  17. Current truck owners.

    Wait with me for the Bronco pickup truck in 2022-2023
  18. Bronco Design Team Q&A w/ Andy's All Access

    I'd rather have the buttons than the one built into the window trim. Wh ocares how it looks, just unstick it and put it into your gas door. My explorer sport has those touch ones and they are kinda finnicky. The 7 key doesn't press very well I usually have to repeat the entire combo 2-3 times...
  19. Remember when...........

    The GFC super lite rtt is 90 I believe. Hardshell also about $1100
  20. Bronco order date / bank now opening January? Per dealer

    CC wow. No BCC? Although it's sometimes an honest mistake that this happens, in this case it sounds like pure Ignorance. This can actually be a Civil crime punishable by financial penalties depending on where some of those people live that had their email address exposed. For example...