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  1. Trade your Outer Banks grille for my Badlands grille?

    I'm in the Salt Lake City area. But I think the biggest problem with doing a grille switch will be coordinating the switch based on deliveries, now that deliveries for reservation-holders could stretch until who-knows-when. I guess I'll know better in the coming weeks where I stand in '22...
  2. Has anyone seen what the new MIC roof looks like?

    OK. 😁 I suppose they've been working super hard and have not only completed the re-engineering CAD drawings, had them reviewed and accepted, sent to the manufacturer which in turn already made all of the new tooling equipment, shipped it to the plant, had it installed and they are already...
  3. The Bronco Pickup has been cancelled ❌

    Not sure it's the wisest idea for a B6G "staff member" to copy-and-paste an entire copyrighted article.
  4. Bronco Badlands Forza Gameplay Footage

    Ah ha, thanks. I've never played them (no Xbox). If they ever did a Forza Motorsport like a Baja race, I could be compelled. Maybe the Bronco will make an appearance in some other games.
  5. Final Update: Boys, I might have to do it. Talk me off the cliff. Final Choice is clear

    Wait--all these people keep saying Jeeps hold their value and used ones always sell for close to new ones. So where did this huge discount come from? 😆
  6. Has anyone seen what the new MIC roof looks like?

    I don't see how it would be possible to have even a prototype at this point. The new top will be a ground-up redesign with all new tooling for manufacturing. Many people think the October estimate for production is aggressive. I wouldn't expect painted top options any sooner as those are a...
  7. Engage! adhoc poll

    Releasing the clutch pedal engages the clutch.
  8. Experience Buying Wheels and Tires.

    What did you end up choosing? Before the Bronco was listed for configuration on Tire Rack, I was looking at wheels for the Ranger. I wasn't going to pull the trigger until I actually get the Bronco, but I was concerned about the differences in offsets.
  9. Auto Start-Stop Eliminator for Bronco is now available

    I don't even need to hit the button. 😁
  10. 2021 + 2022 Bronco Colors Lineup (Gas Can Examples)

    When you see them side-by-side, it does look like they've covered a good range of colors.
  11. Unnecessary mystery?/ Or the mother of retorical questions.

    I apologize for the misunderstanding. I got confused when you said the $100 deposit went to Ford.
  12. Bronco Badlands Forza Gameplay Footage

    Wow, I thought Forza was supposed to have been known for its accurate physics and game play. This video just looks like a higher resolution version of a '90s arcade game. Definitely lost that FOMO feeling seeing this.
  13. Reservation program ends for the Bronco - No NEW Reservations

    Check the text that OP posted. I believe it said something like well into the 22nd century. 😁
  14. My 2 Door Badlands avoided dirt mountain bad batch and has finally arrived

    Another example of people assuming everyone knows what code names or acronyms mean. Just because some people started saying "dirt mountain" doesn't mean others understand what that means.
  15. My 2 Door Badlands avoided dirt mountain bad batch and has finally arrived

    Oof. Until now, I placated myself that all the deliveries I saw were 4-doors. This is the closest to what I ordered and I gotta say I'm feeling pretty envious. 😄 Please tell me you didn't get the Lux package or tow kit or something I can use to justify my wait! :D 💀 This thing looks so good, I...
  16. Unnecessary mystery?/ Or the mother of retorical questions.

    I'm replying not to drag this out, but to make clear for future readers: your initial $100 deposit when you made a reservation online did not go to Ford corporate. It was charged by and received by the dealer you chose. Now, if you didn't use the reservation system that the vast majority of us...
  17. 2022 MSRP Increase?

    Actually, yes, and Ford was the first company to do so. As assembly line efficiency and sales demand ramped up, the Model T got cheaper and cheaper. By a lot. Back to modern times, there are a few examples here and there were a new model comes in less than a previous year. A lot of times where...
  18. Under $10 iPhone tripod for Accessory Mount

    Looks good. I may put this on the "save for later" list. Side bar: I never understand why these Chinese companies with the random letters for a name feel they have to brand their products. "Is that the FORWYXNB?" "No, I decided to get the LAXFUTOOL."
  19. Unnecessary mystery?/ Or the mother of retorical questions.

    Ford's gross sales in 2019 were 155 billion. I don't think 19 million in deposits (that weren't even collected by Ford corporate) matter. There are lots of other reasons why they may not want to deliver a walloping amount of bad news. The $100 deposit was actually collected directly by the...