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  1. Hello from Kentucky

    Welcome to the forums. What part of KY?
  2. What's the point of First Editions?

    Nothing more than to say "I'm special and you aren't", to which I say, "meh, I gave up my "I'm special" Bronco for one I actually wanted that had a MT.
  3. Option to turn front camera on when using Park Assist?

    If it had been a snake it would have bit me. I've looked right past it a hundred times now. Thanks!
  4. Option to turn front camera on when using Park Assist?

    Where is that camera button? I have looked all over for how to activate the front camera when I am parking, and all I have been doing is popping it into "R" to see the over head view.
  5. I hate stickers (Part 2)

    I did. 3D printed using UV resistant filament. I also sprayed on several coats of UV protective clear coat.
  6. I hate stickers (Part 2)

    Custom badges FTW
  7. Auto Stop / Start stopped working

    This. With all of the b!tch!ng and moaning about it on here I was ready to shut it off before I even got my rig. With the MT it's so seamless I'm not going to bother.
  8. 2.3 Manual Big Bend vs. Black Diamond - Real World Fuel Economy?

    I have a non squatch MT BL. and I am averaging around 19. Commute is around 36 miles round trip, and I drive nice and easy everywhere I go and I don't even bother with eco mode.
  9. KyTruckPlant

    Kentuckiana Bronco Club

    Mine was the first retail Bronco that they sold. I picked it up back in August. Their guy that does all the Bronco sales is a pretty nice guy, but I always felt like I knew more about Bronco than he ever will, but that is because I spend so much time here on Bronco6G. I cant speak to if they are...
  10. AR | TAP BYODM - Trail Accessory Picatinny Bring Your Own Device Mount

    You should ensure the bolt to screw it down is a T30 so it works with the supplied Bronco tool kit.
  11. KyTruckPlant

    Kentuckiana Bronco Club

    About time! Nice ride @BigDog !
  12. 35's on stock Big Bend wheels.

    I always laugh to myself when I see a Jeep (in this case a Bronco) with a lift and bigger tires, but the spare is stock. Nothing screams mall crawler louder. Just spend the extra $250 and make it look right!
  13. 35's on stock Big Bend wheels.

    I finally ran into the driver of a lifted A51 BB I've seen driving around my area. The 2" lift and 35's stand a little tall over my stock BL, so I only parked there long enough to snap a picture.
  14. Upgrade vinyl seats

    I've got almost 7000 miles on my MGV, and there's no way I (personally) would bother with an "upgrade" to leather. Especially when almost all automotive "leather" seating is just leather seating surfaces with the rest being vinyl anyhow. My backside ain't that special.
  15. MIC 2.0 Top blew off (forgot to latch)! Pics of damage and material / construction

    I've made it a hard and fast rule of mine to ALWAYS latch my soft top whenever I put it up. No matter if I think I'm only going in the store for a few minutes and I know I'm planning on riding topless when I leave. If I put the top up (on in your case), I latch it up. It only takes a few extra...
  16. Bronco owners: If you could go back would you change your order?

    That kind of got on my nerves until I realized that if I just bump it, it blinks 3 times, which is perfect for lane changes. Full click for cornering. Now that I understand the engineering behind it, I'm not so bothered by it.
  17. Bronco vacation woes

    It's still worth it when you find the right one. Mine actually plays into my Bronco obsession. Sort of like a mom that goes along with a baseball card obsession, or Pokémon, or Legos. Now that I think of it, I think she just tolerates me.
  18. Bronco vacation woes

    I am very impressed with them. Well made, cushioned and reinforced bottoms, felt lined. A little bulky all folded up, but I'd rather they be durable. That's all 4 bags (and the storage straps are underneath) in a collapsible storage tote. About the same size as a Yeti 35. ("Bronco" included to...