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  1. “BRONCO” Grill Badge Light Up

    Can we switch our existing order over to the Amber?
  2. Rough Country 5” Lift Kit for Bronco

    so.... 4wp.....
  3. Tracking LInks Down

    I'm sure others have noticed it... but it appears Ford has altered their website and have removed public access to the AEM tracker (<<ordernumber>>&partAttributes=BP2_.*&vin=<<vin>>) when you go to that now, you get an...
  4. 🛠 11/1/21 Build Week Group

    Im in agreement with you....
  5. “BRONCO” Grill Badge Light Up

    What's the eta on shipping?
  6. 🛠 11/1/21 Build Week Group

    Ya know what's really damn frustrating... LOL... seing folks in the 11/22 build groups getting shipping notices... WTF? LOL *sigh*
  7. 11/04 production state stuck in purgatory…..

    Ya it's frustrating AF...Built on 11/3 here.... still shows as 'In Production' because of the ETA i was given of 11/25 I secured financing (valid thru Christmas), and took the hit on my credit... now, because of holiday travels, i wont even be back in town until 12/28.. and wouldnt be...
  8. Tracking for remaining MY21 builds

    Okay.. Guess I thought it meant something else... technically mine still shows as 'In Production' so not "built" yet.. (no emails to the contrary).. ( "releaseDate":"","etaStartDate":"2021-11-19","etaEndDate":"2021-11-25","productionDate":"2021-11-03","shipmentDate":"","transitDate":""...
  9. Tracking for remaining MY21 builds

    Looking at your tracking sheet.. what are the numbers for those who show a 'Production Date' but no shipped/built emails? Seems like the sheet is considering my order as complete... when it's still sitting around somewhere in a lot somewhere in Michigan..... LOL...
  10. 🛠 11/1/21 Build Week Group

    I just dont understand how a vehicle can sit for an extended period of time without an update.. @Ford Motor Company something's got to give here... this lack of communication is making this a very stressful experience...
  11. 🛠 11/1/21 Build Week Group

    Yea.. its frustrating knowing the vehicle was built over 20 days ago... but no emails saying so, nor shipment information... I was really looking forward to picking this up before a road trip out west for December.... #sux
  12. Florida WARN® - Elite Series Full Width Black Front Winch HD Bumper (Make Offer)

    I'm in Jacksonville Florida, and purchased the Warn Elite Series Bumper for my Bronco (that hasnt shown up yet of course). I've since changed my plans on the direction for the Bronco build when it finally shows up and need to clear up some shelf space for the next big thing... Make me an...
  13. DIY dremel solution - how to mount Ford Front Mudflaps on Sasquatch with Step Bars

    i'm surprised somebody hasnt made a template that the community can download and use to cut out the flaps.. :) <hint hint> LOL
  14. 500 days since reservation club!

    Reservation 7/15/20 Order 4/20/21 Order Confirmed 5/01/21 VIN 9/30/21 Build Week: 11/1 Built: 11/3 Shipped: Nope Delivered: Nope
  15. gizmohd

    N.E Florida Bronco Club

    @onetong8r technically, mine has been built since 11/3.... but no emails telling me it's built/shipped yet... was supposed to be here by Thanksgiving.. but i'm guessing it's probably going to be closer to Christmas with the way things are going.
  16. gizmohd

    N.E Florida Bronco Club

    @onetong8r Yea.. thats who I ordered with as well... So far been a great experience with them... So no complaints.
  17. gizmohd

    N.E Florida Bronco Club

    Just curious, are any of the dealers being shady here in NEFL and putting ADM on their broncos for the order holders?
  18. 🛠 11/1/21 Build Week Group

    my eta is 11/25, and I still havent gotten a built/shipped email yet....
  19. Sand / Dune flag mount

    Yup.. was just about to post that... Appears to be on the modular bumper...