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  1. 22x12 with a -57 offset and 35" nitto ridge grappler will not fit.

    if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. That’s a sweet ride @Ballerj98. Congratulations on your Bronco. I wonder when the last time the shit talkers slinging crap on this forum left the pavement? I don’t understand talking down to another person over vehicle...
  2. 2022 Bronco Paint Colors Leaked

    Fuck you buyers, we don't care what you want. We can't even give you choices of color.
  3. 🥊 Bronco Wildtrak vs. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon head-to-head comparison review by Throttle House

    Yep, SAS on any trim makes it a desert runner. My critique was about the Jeep they used, not about the Bronco. Sorry if it came across strange. If you have any other Bronco with SAS, besides a Badlands or an FE, test it against an appropriate vehicle, not the Rubicon. Test it against what it...
  4. 🥊 Bronco Wildtrak vs. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon head-to-head comparison review by Throttle House

    Just gotta say they should test the Badlands on the Rubicon and the Wildtrak on a Mojave. I know, truck suv, blah, blah, blah. The wildtrak is a top end desert runner. Put it up against a desert runner.
  5. Bronco Pickup Hinted by Sighting of Ford Testing a Jeep Gladiator?

    I think ford may be picking the right fight for the Bronco. I have a Mojave and I gotta tell ya, it is a freaking amazing machine. Don't tell my wife but this is my bridge vehicle. After driving the Mojave, the bar is set high for the Bronco. If the Bronco isn't my favorite? Well... Then it will...
  6. Ford Maverick Pickup Revealed! Standard Hybrid, 40MPG City, Under $20k Starting Price!

    I think it's a great vehicle. Ford nailed it. So relieved they disappointed again on the interior. If the Maverick had a sweet ass interior, while the Broncos' blows... Well, let's just say I would be very mad and run here to tell you all about it. Whoever the special undersecretary VP of...
  7. "Manual Transmission Could Be Forced Into Retirement"

    They said the same thing about Horses when the automobile first starting belching down the road.
  8. Official MPG figures: 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L fuel economy

    Glad to see I know what my mileage would be if I could buy a manual outer banks. Just saying.
  9. Ford's communication around this is unbelievably bad

    I did that a few months ago when I was told my week 3 reservation is definitely a MY22. I bought a Jeep Mojave two months ago and love it so much! What a beast. I still have my Bronco reservation, but my expectation of quality and performance is very high. Before you throw hate about my Jeep...
  10. Jeep delivers on 4Xe production! Assy. vid.

    Can’t, and won’t, argue with somebody making a correct statement. It is complicated but I feel like every car will have its issues and I may be willing to work through them. I really like the flexible architecture of PHEV and for about 50% of my driving would be all electric. I think the 4xe is...
  11. Jeep delivers on 4Xe production! Assy. vid.

    It’s not a new vehicle. The wrangler is proven. The engine is the 2.0 etorque. The electric architecture has also been in production for a few years. I do not see any more quality issues than I suspect we will see with the Bronco. Ford has a good reputation for quality and reliability. But the...
  12. Jeep delivers on 4Xe production! Assy. vid.

    Read my post right after yours! Check out the 4xe. You can drive to the cabin on all gas. Save your charge, and have 25 miles of all electric off-roading. Off course your miles go down the harder you push. But then kick over to gas and it runs, and recharges the batteries. When not using just...
  13. Jeep delivers on 4Xe production! Assy. vid.

    PHEV plug-in electric Hybrid vehicle. It has three drive modes, one of which is a pure gas 2.0 etorque engine. So... Just the electric motor can drive 25 miles. In hybrid mode, electric and gas, 400 miles, then fill up and keep going like in any car. Just gas is not posted but probably about...
  14. Jeep delivers on 4Xe production! Assy. vid.

    Bronco Nation probably thinks their videos look more artisanal and “real.”
  15. Area 51 Black Diamond Interior + 8" Inch Screen Photos

    Its funny. I've seen A51 in person and it looks nothing like this.
  16. Soft top with rear open on Badlands Bronco

    Saw A51 yesterday on a Sport... Its no less confusing in person. I would be really hard pressed to accurately describe it. The pic I took looked light blue. It is really pretty, and I think it will lend itself to a lot of different builds, overland, baja, or daily driver. I can admit 95% of my...
  17. A point of contact for SoCal buyers - Kearny Mesa Ford

    Its a bummer but out of your control for sure. Thanks for looking out.
  18. A point of contact for SoCal buyers - Kearny Mesa Ford

    Welcome to the club guys! I’m sure somewhere in America, there is somebody who can beat the price. But, not the service. Eric sends updates, when there are updates, and they are clear and concise. If he doesn’t know an answer, he readily admits it. I feel like he’s really on the journey with us...
  19. A point of contact for SoCal buyers - Kearny Mesa Ford

    Yeah, dude, not hype at all. If anything Eric from KMF is a voice you can trust in all of this noise.
  20. A point of contact for SoCal buyers - Kearny Mesa Ford

    @EricAtKearnyMesaFord you are the best! Seriously... If you weren't so damn cool and good with us crazy Bronco people I think Ford would have driven me away. I feel like me and my money are safe with you. Thanks for being you Bro! Ya Saved My Bronco!